Campaign rank bug

@Sarah247 just wanted to point out that after last patch when you are on Campaign rank is shown incorrectly: it shows Rank25 (for me, but I guess for everyone).


Yup, for everyone.

Just a visual glitch though.


Refreshing the page fixes it temporarely.

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I know, but I was hoping for a permafix :sweat_smile:

for me in the campaign it is essential to restart before collecting the bonus and I have done many tests of rank and if I restart the page to collect my bonus and more probality of cash more epic fortunes and probality of legendary still I am in face of tests to know if the rank account in the probalities of epic and legendary articles

The most worrying thing is that many times the boxes do not appear at the end of the mission… :disappointed: :cold_sweat: :sob: :astonished: :rage:

Here a video, to recover the rank, and get the box of fortune.

I know it’s tiring, but at least it’s something, until they fix it some day?