Campaign-only perks


“Perks” are currently visual only thing. But in campaing, bots don’t care how you look. All they care is how good are you at smashing them.

So, it would make sense to make special perks that help campaing being easier. They will never work in PvP of course, cuz that would be too OP. Here ideas for standart myphical-tier perks:

“Winter”: all your campaing opponents start with zero energy and have 10% less regen
"Spring": in campaing, you have 2 actions on first turn
"Summer": all your campaing opponents start with starting heat equal tio their max and have 10% less cooling
"Autumn": you deal 25% more damage to bots
"Titan": you have +10 resist on normal, +15 on hard, +20 on insane
"Gold": each boost you find is repair, restores 50% HP AND gives either energy or heat randomly
"Mercury": your drone drains high amount of resist on each attack (half effect against boss)
“Silver”: if you activate shield, it will have 50% energy/heat cost and +25% to damage reduction

As this is campaing only, its not that OP
Possible also weaker “legendary” perks

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We don’t really need CAMPAIGN only perks


well, I am afraid using specific persk in PvP might shatter balance of some items. But after making campaing-only perks, PvP ones can be made next


Perks for a limited time , Maybe only for events


fine too

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i like campaign only perks, but i like the ones that make us stronger,than those which make enemy weaker.
like the “titan” --+10 resistance; i would also add +75 energy,heat; +50 cooling,regen ; and this perk should look like some high tech equipment attatched to the mech(like laser cannon from ‘deus ex-human revolution’ or big alien weapons from crysis3).by the way developeers should try to add more details, may it be the background or tech; afterall this is almost a ‘stand still’ game that is not heavy for your eyes


Erm… guys,
Why do we discuss perks to make the campaign easier, since the devs made the campaign INSANE only to satisfy the requests of the community?:confused:



well, perks make campaing easier but you are free to not use any perk

in fact, we could also add perks that makes campaing even harder, while also increasing reward you get
for example:

“Castitas”: whenever you destroy building or kill an enemy before taking all loot boxes you take damage 25% of max HP. Damage can only be avoided by taking all of loot boxes first. In boss stage, you are allowed to beat boss first (and take 25% damage) before taking loot and engaging other enemies.

“Temperantia”: boost crates on the map are replaced with loot buildings, giving you no boost. Boss missions included.

“Caritas”: in battles, your enemies start first and have 3 actions in their first turn (because you gifted your first action to them)

“Industria”: cannot deactivate drone or shield or shut engine down manually, cannot move if you can fire at least one weapon.

“Patientia”: cannot use teleport, harpoon or charge, your legs’ max movement is reduced by 1

“Humanitas”: your weapons deal as much damage as their explosive equivalents (read: less than physical weapons), but deal no heat or energy damage. None of 3 damage types have their advantages here.

“Humilitas”: each tile with loot is replaced with extra enemy. 1 loot crate is a tank, 2 is a mech, 3 is a heavy mech (+40% hp, +20% heat/cooling/energy/regen, same damage). You still get same loot crates after you defeat these enemies, along with exp/gold reward for enemies. In boss mission, defeating the boss provides you with additional 2 standart issue 50% repair boosts before you go after those new enemies.

All challenges also forbid using revive

Best variation would be “Virtue” perk providing random of 7 challenges each time or letting player to choose one of 2-3 random ones, meaning you cannot prepare for specific challenge (by, for example, unequipping teleport, harpoon and charge and taking weapons with better ranges, before engaging Patientia). Other option would be each level recording all challenges-“assisted” wins against it (and probably giving an extra reward if you beat it with every one challenge)


At this point, we need “Campaign Only Perks”. Whether you agree or not, campaign mechs atm, are pretty damn OP. Honestly, I really don’t care what perk ya’ll suggest. As long as it helps you out in campaign massively, I’m cool with that.

Also, if you’re a player who finished or got far in campaign and thinks COP (Campaign only perks) aren’t needed, remember about players who doesn’t have the right items to actually face insane bots. :wink:


Maybe give each visual-only perk a bonus in Campaigns too? So you get to use it for looks in PvP, and bonuses in campaign.

Dual purpose Perks.