Campaign Madness: +50% Extra Gold or +100% Fuel Regenerate

These two events are kind of the same, when you think about it. It’s just gold farming in the end. The more gold the better. I like both of them, yet if I had to choose well…

So which “Campaign Madness” do you like better?

  • 50% Extra Gold
  • 100% Fuel Regenerate

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50% extra gold if you are impatient.

+100% regen if you are a grown man and realize you get double the gold instead of one and a half.


I’m just too lazy to open sm every 2 hours and farm again :confused:

If you can’t spare 10 minutes of life farming while you play something on the background…That’s sad.

I’m not on PC plus i got bored of sm. Thinking to leave it.

You can farm the campaign all day when it’s 100% fuel regeneration. A lot better than the 50% gold.
Plus you end up with more gold/boxes at the end.


New event up for those that want to get ripped off like cheap whores.