Campaign leaders evolutions of rank and bonus for big boy


I have been thinking about a good idea as always and three types of diffi culty difficult and extreme mission difficulties all bosses have epic weapons but their damage is stronger because of difficulty because not for the 3 levels of difficulty are also 3 levels of rank example would be big boy the epic and a mythical weapon because not while you advance in each level mode raise your range example mech epic mode easy mech legendary level difficult and mitic mech level extra difficult to make it look more intimidating would be fascinating to see your favorite boss that in each level rise of legendary or mythical rank that you think is a good idea if you like my idea or dislike them [poll type=regular]

  • Yes
  • Do not
    [/poll]And I also want to talk about “rewards” the rewards of big boy on the part of they are very bad is a lot of effort for those who just beat it because not a better reward you decide[poll name=poll2 type=regular max=2]
  • Get 50,000 20 epic tokens 3 and an achievement medal
  • Get 50,000 10 legendary tokens 2 an epic and an achievement medal
  • Get 200,000 30 tokens 1 epic and achievement medal
    [/poll]also why not to beat all the bosses in their 3 difficulties that give you 3 epicas to beat the jeges is a good idea [poll name=poll3 type=regular]
  • Yes
  • Do not
    [/poll]And well I hope you like my theme :slight_smile: By the way I forgot to say “hello very good to all” xD


I like this topic a lot, @Antonio_Ortega, but wa are all adults and we all know TS…


Hello very good to you Antonio :slight_smile:


that bad I can not see who voted


How good idea do you think everything is?


can you tell me what is the TS


TS - Tactic Soft … .


thank you I did not know it was “TS”


aka Tragic Setup …


Some bosses have items that aren’t able go mythical stage


let’s say the first boss of the ramboy game in ultra difficult would reach epic all his weapons would not need to reach mythical


good idea bro :smile: