Campaign ideas asfdafsdfsdafsd

  • you can bring any amount of mechs to any mission, each enemy mech would have roughly two thirds of the player’s strength, and bosses would be double that

  • harder difficulties would simply level up the enemies items instead of multiplying their stats, hard difficulty would level up the items half way and insane would max them out

  • each mission would have a color tied to all the mechs based on the location, kind of like a uniform, for example you would encounter a mission in scavenger pass where all the mechs have urban camo paint

  • add orange and black paint into the game

  • there could possibly be one very large campaign to replace the other ones where enemy mechs range from common to mythical items towards the end of the campaign


For your 3rd idea, there’s no point. If you want black just max it and if you want orange have it level 40

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Oh look what’s this? Orange

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Yellow, and I think they might want a tiger stripe style paint or smth


Tiger stripe would be cool

They need to make a way to get free paints.

This is tacticsoft we’re talking about. they’re gonna milk every cent out of the playerbase


are you colorblind? that’s dark yellow

what do you mean “there’s no point” what about having orange max myths and black legendaries

Dark yellow and orage are pretty much the same thing

that has to be the stupidest forum post i’ve ever read

Two completely different colors.


But you exist so it can’t be the stupidest

lmao why are you calling me stupid when you’re the one who can’t read and thinks that orange and dark yellow are the same thing

I said pretty much lmao. I think youre the one who can’t read

you couldn’t be more wrong my guy

Woah I made an error. Big deal

…and you’re going and making a big deal out of MY error

What’s your error? If u mean the paints then I didn’t make a big deal I just suggested something. You made an argument over it

what do you mean “suggested something”

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