Campaign Help Please

What Campaign levels should I be focusing on right now? I’ve beaten 1v1 on normal and Is 70% there on hard. I have not even gotten past Silent Waters 2v2 normal. :expressionless: Suggestions?

get gud


get more mythicals. If you can’t beat bigboy 1v1 on insane, doing 2v2 is more than impossible

oh ya energy mechs melt 1v1 camp ngl

as funny as it is (had a good laugh there), this is the best and shortest piece of advice

If you have a physical build with rock recoiler, nightfall, and night eagle, then do Overlords den 6, insane. You can run that on auto. Those weapons need to be Mythical, though…

I’m a old heat mech


Show me your heat. a screen shot. Maybe I can see if possible

it’s in general build help thread

Hmm… Maybe run it on OD6 normal, or maybe hard.

ok thx ill try. Also how do you farm? manual or auto? I always do auto when I do campaign

What am I expecting? Items, or is it a gold grind? i need to know so I can adjust accordingly

Or more Accurately, What should I be expecting?

easiest efficient one is od6

Probably the best tip i’ve ever seen

effecient for what?

…(20 Char)…

What ever you want… It is easy auto

I farm on auto…

Mix boxes, a lot of XP, and gold.

Okay Thanks!

Idk how to blurr text lol

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ok thx

lol you thought