Campaign Grinding SM Spending Guide (maximized for fusion)


Well … So you grind campaign missions for SM. Good! :clap::champagne::money_mouth:

Probably you do that in order to use them for fusion/upgrading your items… Right?

Well so what boxes give the best results for that for every SM you spent?

Hold on I have a table to answer that :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

Mix Box Torsos-Legs Weapons Special Items Modules 2x Modules
Box Cost SM 40000 80000 40000 40000 20000 40000
Items # In Box 3 2 2 2 2 4
Min Power 28 90 50 70 28 28
Max Power 500 500 300 250 250 250
Items # In Rnd. Pool 554 76 246 102 130 130
Avg. Power Per Item 137.628 154.761 154.939 136.274 95.969 95.969
Avg. Power / Box 412.884 309.522 309.878 272.548 191.938 383.876
Avg. Power / SM 0.010 0.004 0.008 0.007 0.010 0.010
Avg. SM / 1 Power 96.880 258.463 129.083 146.763 104.200 104.200
1st (Best) 5th (worse) 3rd 4th 2nd 2nd

And now some explanation:

  1. I assume you are level 30 and you have finished campaign so item levels used in the table are level 15+
  2. Avg = Average, Rnd = Random
  3. The 2x Modules box is buying two module boxes since the price is 40000 SM like most other boxes
  4. Min and Max Power is the the (minimum-maximum) power an item in the box can have excluding ofc the bonus power kits (if any is awarded during opening the box)
  5. Items # in Rnd. Pool is the count of 15+ level items that can be in that box and from which the box items are randomly selected

Well from the results in the table you can clearly see that fusion-wise the best choice is Mix Boxes followed
by the currently R.I.P (in latest game version) Modules Boxes

that is my 2¢ (aka 0.02$ or two cents) of info/guide for you today.

Hope it helps :smiley:


How much time did it take you to do all of these calculations?


Lets say … ALOT … :dizzy_face:

well actually the difficult part was compiling the list of items… the rest was just some excel doing
filtering and fomulas … :nerd:


Are you some kind of a wizard or what :joy:


nah just your typical old nerd enjoying game mechanics more than playing the actual game … :laughing:


Never heard that before :stuck_out_tongue:


This kind of information is very useful.

I am glad that there is proof that my “hunch” that buying mix boxes for fusion is the best alternative of all the available box options.

I just chose it because it gave out three items, plus the occasional kit bonus. And you also get a wider variety of items. I used to think that weapons box were better because you always get fusion materials (no modules) - until I realized I could use some modules to help round out my mech building.