Campaign EXP Rewards Increased - Glitch or Update?

I’ve been grinding mission 6 this evening and noticed I gained 2 levels super fast, so I payed attention to the rewards and sure enough, it’s gone way up.

it wasn’t always this high was it? or am I the one that’s too high?


Great job baz :ok_hand::ok_hand:🖒🖒🖒:two_hearts::dizzy_face::dizzy_face:

profit while you can hahahahah

This is a bug. Sarah and the team have been told (or will know as soon as they get into work) and a fix will go out.

Seems there’s no point trying to hide it anymore as a new post appears each hour regarding it :slight_smile:



Ya clicked the blurred text didn’t ya?

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Watch them not just change it back to the old rewards but also nerf that -

I have need to GRIND

Bloody hell man. This is why people have to stop posting these on the forums.


@Fluxeon word :100: :100: :100: :100: :100: :100: :100: :100: :100: :100: :100: :100: :100: :100: :100: :100: :100: :100: :100: :100:

well, its pretty hard to miss and the percentage of the playerbase that regularly visits this forum is quite low.

it looks like one child of tacticsoft is playing with the parameters.

nice droprate (without ‘fortune’-boxes)! -
but does it make sence??

@Frawatuet Its a late Christmas gift :wink:

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it forces to much to campaign.
p vs human should have priority

Thats what i was thinking. I have went up 10 levels, a cool mil, and made a couple legendaries so far. Thanks!

11 levels got ash creater when I became lvl 70 farmed 1.5mil gold all in 3 hrs

Thanks TS u saved me 2 years of grinding :slight_smile:

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More like 2 months, this is just about as good as the unicorn event. I got so many excellent things from that. No legendaries here, but lots of blue boxes and some purples that make life worth living again lol.

Which mission r y farming ? I got 2 epic windigos OnlYfrom 100+ runs on mission 6

Lol I have a feeling the one responsible for this bug is gonna loose his job today hahaha

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jajaja I already said that I get more fortune box,poor who is going to fall

Oh hey a glitch that benefits the players however queue the complaining from the part of the player base that misses this opportunity

Edit: To be fair, imo they should rollback the game from before the glitch. Putting certain players ahead 2+ months of others will cause too much grief. Would be nice to reward everyone with some boxes or tokens or coins as compensation for the spent time.

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