Campaign 3.0 (STORY UPDATED)

The story:

(story isn’t finished yet)




Build you army,
Defeat the enemy,
And bring peace back to the Solar System!

For now, we have protected ourselves from the enemy, but this is just the start… The enemies have settled their base on the ruins of The Great City in The Lost Country. The Great City was a place full of life, as being the capital of one of the most advanced countries on the Earth, now called “The Lost Country”, for being destroyed within minutes… Their base has 7 war-bases, as the 7th being the main one, with their own mini-power plant. We need to reach their power plant and destroy it, so we get back the control of The Great City, and stop the occupation in The Lost Country. (after beating the first season) Now that we got back the control of The Great City, we can start rebuilding it, as the occupation has been stopped in The Lost Country. But is not over yet. They have got many more power plants, which means the occupations in here isn’t stopped forever. We’ve got to move on. The second season is a crashed alien spaceship. The reason for it’s crash is unknown. They have took it over, and they are currently rebuilding it. We must stop them. It has 8 levels, and the 8th being the main. (after beating the second season) Now that we defeated them, we can investigate it and move on. The third season is an alien jungle, on Mercury.
Mercury was a paradise, a world full of life, within the beautiful nature… which is now devastated, and covered with dark machines under the dark skies… but there are still a few yet untouched places, but still under the darkness… one of them is the Alien Jungle. It’s located south-east of it’s power plant, which is now under the control of the enemies. Our mission is to destroy the enemies and take over the Mercury power plant back. 9 war bases, 9th is the main one, but it doesn’t have a power plant, as they got the Mercury power plant. (after beating the third season) The Mercury’s power plant is free, giving back power to Mercury people, helping them to protect themselves and destroy the enemy. The fourth season is The Underground Cave in Mars. The enemies have took over the mine, and are taking resources from it, leaving Mars without any resources. We must destroy the enemy no matter what.10 war bases, 10th is the main one with it’s power plant that uses Mars resources for work. (after beating the fourth season) SPECIAL SEASON: The Mercury power plant is under attack! The enemies have sent their special forces to destroy the power plant! We must destroy the enemies and protect the power plant quickly or Mercury has fallen!(11 levels, 11th is the main one). (after beating the special season) The enemies have been destroyed! The Mercury’s power plant is safe! They will never dare to touch the power plant again! Now, he have to move on. The fifth season is a space city built by aliens near Venus. Enemies build their army in there and they spy on Venus from there. We need to destroy it, so enemies will no longer be able to attack Venus and spy on it, helping Venus recover from the enemy attacks. 12 levels, 12th is the main one. (after beating the fifth season) Great! The space city has been destroyed! But is not over yet, There is a lot left. The sixth season is an enormous war machine located on Earth. The war machine is developed and built by enemies, but the war machine is not finished yet. We have to attack the enemies and stop them from finishing the war machine. 13 levels, 13th is the main one. (after beating the 6th season) Great! We stopped the enemies from finishing that monster! Now we have to go to Saturn. Enemies have built their base on it, and they are sending their mini-spaceships to all planets in the solar system. Our mission is to destroy their war base to stop their spaceship invasions. 14 levels, 14th is the main one. (after beating the seventh season) SECOND SPECIAL SEASON: Enemies have finished their war machine! As we were busy on Saturn, they secretly repaired it, and they finished it! Now, their war machine is destroying everything in it’s way! WE MUST STOP IT! We have to destroy 14 war bases, and then attack the main one, 15th. BUT; we will have to attack their war machine and destroy it before is too late! (after beating the second special season) We did it! We destroyed that dirty pile of iron! Enemies have no more power against us! But… there is yet one season left… THE FINAL SEASON. The final (8th) season is an enormous alien spaceship, the one from which they came, and the one with which they attacked us for the first time. WE MUST DESTROY THEIR SPACESHIP. TO END OUR SUFFER, AND TO END OUR ENEMIES. This spaceship has 20 LEVELS, as the 20th being the main one. This spaceship is their only resource of life. It has their main power plant, which is also their SOURCE OF LIFE. If we would destroy it (and we will), that would be the end to this war. (after beating the final (8th) season) We destroyed the enemies! The war has ended! We can live in peace again! We have been destroyed, and turned to ashes. But we will rise again, in our glory, greater than we’ve ever been…

Currencies / Values:
They will stay the same.

Trading with corporations (optional):
When you start, you will have one corporation to trade with, You unlock next two with every second level up, and unlock rest with every fifth level up. There will be 20 corporations.

How to get Campaign 3.0 :
30 days after you complete the campaign we have now, you will get a pop-up window telling you that you can now play Campaign 3.0. You can wait 15 days, and then you start playing it automatically. When you complete the entire campaign on normal, the system will giv you a notification after 30 days, but you can wait as much as you want until you don’t complete the campaign on insane.You will be able to access Campaign 3.0. in options menu.

Thanks to @Almora! He will know why.

  • Man, that’s awesome! I’d love it implemented!
  • It is kinda complicated but is still pretty good.
  • I wouldn’t like it implemented, is too complicated. (tell why)
  • Nah man, that sucks! Don’t implement this! (tell why)

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  • The entire Solar System is attacked.
  • This is all happening in future when everything is advanced and all planets in the Solar System are colonized.
  • Mercury was a paradise

You probably wonder where did I got the idea of Mercury being a paradise. I got the idea from Destiny 2: The Curse of Osiris. Don’t blame me for that. :confused: plz

  • I wouldn’t like if you would call this complicated, because, why would it be? I just wanted to make the campaign more additive to the story, I don’t think that there should be something complicated.
  • Power plants are futuristic and every planet has it’s main power plant (and they’re all different). For example, Mercury’s power plant uses sunlight for producing power.
    Mars power plant is using resources from it’s mines.
    Earth’s power plant makes energy from wind. etc. etc.
  • The topic is long, so there are maybe some grammar mistakes.

I thought tacticsoft will never add it likes trading…

My gosh dude,you should write a novel!
Maybe even make some manga or anime based on this.
I love it!
Are you going to continue the story?

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hhuuhhhh??? (20 chracters)

You must know what anime is.
Manga is hand-drawn,comics style anime.

I do know what is it, but yea, I’m not sure if I could draw manga or make anime… even though I’d like to. Aaaand, do you want to hear any of my ideas for anime? I’ve got some goooood ideas. :3

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Ah,sorry,I didn’t express myself correctly.
I just wondered how awesome it would be to have an anime or at least some manga based off what you wrote here (and in the previous threads,of course).
Sounds like something I’d definitely watch :laughing:

And yeah,gimme some ideas too :)))

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Well, I won’t give you an idea, but I will tell you my amazing idea :smiley:

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Sure :slight_smile:

And it looks like I expressed myself incorrectly again but nvm

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I would call it a light novel; although yes, I would love you to write one of these

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This is great! what if you fight the half functioning warmachine though?

Seems you missed out a detail.

oh sorry didn’t see that.

No problem. :slightly_smiling_face:

its like an essay for supmechs

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I click on the page. See the text. My reaction “WHAT THE HECK!?!? HOW MUCH DID THIS GUY TYPE???” My face: o_O My soul :expressionless: MY BRAIN (Also very well done. Love it xD)

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Ya call that a long topic? then check this out:

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