Campaign 2.0 PART 7


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I was firstly planning to tell about defense in this part, but I realized it would be too short so I decided to tell all about defense, attacking and a few more things.


Let’s start with defense. From time to time you will get enemy attacks. For defense you will have a defensive wall. Let’s say, you’re attacked by a small military. Is a small army with 5 mechs. They will immediately start breaking the wall. Now you can send your army to fight them. Both your’s and enemy mechs will be AI. But you will be able to control which enemy mech will your mech/s attack. If you beat them, good for you. But if they break trough the wall, that’s bad. That’s why you will have AI turrets in your city, inside the walls. They will take care of you enemies. And you will also be able to build turrets in / on your walls, so you lose less army, and it won’t be easy for enemies to attack the turrets, cause they’re well hidden. That’s all about defense. And now let’s get onto attacking. Is almost the same like this campaign, but there are a few differences. You will be able to bring some mechs or buggies with you. They are only going to attack enemies. And one enemy mech can be attacked by only one of your mechs. There will be special mechs that will be able to only take the loot. Aaaaaaand, let’s not forget. You know the first campaign level has a shield, right? So, in few first campaign levels you will have to destroy the machine that’s keeps the shield alive (shield engine). But then, you will get a special level, in which you will have to beat a mini-boss and destroy a machine that runs all shields in the first season. And, you will have to play that special level before each season. Of course, it won’t totally be in the same place as the first one. But you will still have to destroy shields for boss levels :confused:. And here is what happens when you beat a campaign level: you colonize it. Now you understand why will they attack you: to bring that place to their possession back. Now, what do you get from that? More space to build, more resources and connection to more corporations for trading. And when you beat the first season, you are finally able to build a Connectial Web. Connectial Web is a underground (sometimes on ground) building which connects all of your buildings and unites them into a city. Your base is the middle of the city. As you beat seasons, you will be able to move your base do different places. And you don’t build new Connectial Web, you just expand it. Now, I’m really tired and I really need a nap. So I guess that’ll be all for this topic. Vote. :wink:

  • Is pretty complicated, but is good, Implement.
  • Is awesome! Implement!
  • Is too complicated. Don’t implement.
  • It sucks! Don’t implement!

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I’m sorry guys, but I cannot add Part 7 to the full version, because for some reason, I can’t edit it. I don’t see the button for editing anywhere. If you know is there any solution, or do you at least know why can’t I edit it, please inform me. :slightly_smiling_face:


As much as i love the ideas , dont waste your time writing and scripting , the devs wont add this.

Face it dude


I think he’s doing it for a hobby sort of. Like authors write books, Skiller writes stories.


Continue it!
Was hoping for more to be honest.I like reading stuff and fantasizing :slight_smile:
Plus it’s pretty good too!


You can continue writing this thing if you enjoy it, but I feel you should just revert this post to the first campaign 2.0 suggestion, so that it has a chance of being added because that was actually feasible and fun and possible to be added. However, with all these features, it is over complicated, to the point that this idea was like a tower defense. I highly suggest you make another post like the original 2.0 idea so that it has a chance of being implemented.

So, I decided to simplify this all

Im sorry dude, but I really dont want supermechs becoming a tower defense, so its a no for me


Well you could just say is too complicated :neutral_face:


Are you gonna write more?


Yes, but I’m pretty busy recently, so the next part won’t come soon. :3


And, you know what are strategy games like?