Campaign 2.0 PART 6

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Mission 4: ‘‘Build a weapon.’’ For that, you will have to build a hangar (mission 4.1). Go to shop, and choose ‘‘Hangar’’. Place it, and it will start building. You’ll have to pay 3250 Rubs. That will take 25 mins, and you already know for how much you can speed up. When it is built, the transforming in the lab is also done. You’ve got 4 special deposits. Now three are moved into the warehouse and goes to the hangar. Now choose the hangar, choose ‘‘Build’’, and choose ‘‘Weapons’’. Choose ‘‘side weapon’’. Now you’re moved to a special window for building items. Place the deposit to the ammo section. Click ‘‘Save for later’’. Now you will need to build the core of the weapon. Go to ‘‘Build’’, and choose ‘‘Weapon core’’. Now place the deposit there, and place one of the metals you have there (I’ve already said that other corporations give you some free stuff on the start). It will take 5 min to build the weapon core, and you can speed up for 1 Fazed. After that’s done, go to ‘‘Saved’’ section and choose your weapon. Place the core into the weapon core section. And now choose the ‘‘Heavy metal’’. Now click ‘‘Build’’. It will take 15 min to speed up, and you can speed up. After that, a windows pop up: ‘‘Mission Completed! Your reward: 2000 Rubs and 3 Fazeds’’. (There is no reward for the first mission, reward for the second mission is 150 rubs and reward for third mission is 2000 Rubs and 2 Fazeds). Finally, you’ve builded a weapon and finally have a chance to see an alien weapon (even though is not created by aliens)! The weapon name is: Stera Blaster. Is a laser weapon. I’ll tell you the stats a bit later. And I will maybe post an image of the weapon (MAYBE). Now, it has to be tested, but it cannot be testes on Earth mechs because the results would be useless, and it doesn’t apply to the Earth mechs. So, you need to get an alien mech, but we will talk about that later. You have only one side weapon that’s not Earth type, and is not even functioning, because is not using the right mechanic. You probably remember in part 4, when those spy-mechs found some unknown type of alien mechanic. And this is when do we need it. You send spy-mechs with cargo ships to take that mech with that ‘‘unknown type of alien mechanic’’. When they bring it, you have to send it to the lab to be researched. After being researched, the results are: ‘‘It is using unknown type of engine for working, which probably ran out of energy, and that’s why it isn’t working. But, it didn’t ran out of energy; somebody took the energy from this mech. Luckily, we know exactly what type of energy it’s engine uses; the stera-electricity. It is not functioning, so we coudn’t get anything more.’’ So now, you have to send it to the hangar to bring it back to function. Go to hangar, choose ‘‘Repair’’, choose the non-function mech, and choose stera-electricity to use it for repair. After 10 min, the mech is alive, but still turned off. So send it to the lab. the lab research results are: ‘’ Is using a special engine that heats up the stera-elecrticity, and then it crushes it and transforms it into toxins which produce energy and send it to all parts of the mech’’. Now, you move the mech to the hangar and take out it’s engine. Now, you will have to build a torso. Do the same for that weapon, except you move to the trso section. Place the engine in there, place a box of FGOP, and choose heavy metal (same one used for the weapon. It will take 20 mins to be builded, and when builded, it’s name is Fazon. I will tell the stats later. I can bet you are pretty cofused right now, so that’s why I’ll be ending this topic now. Because this topic wasn’t made to tell the entire story, just to explain hangar and building. I have no idea what will I explain in the next part. But I hope you like this part! Vote! @Sarah247 @Mohadib @Elcent

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