Campaign 2.0 Part 5.2 Remake

If you don’t know anything about Campaign 2.0, check out Second campaign FULL VERSION and Campaign 2.0 PART 7.

The Laboratory is now finished. When you click on it, you will get a short tutorial about the functions of the Lab. The Spy-Mechs have brought some of the gas from the mine, and you have to research it now.

Mission 3, Objective 3: “Research the Strange Gas in the Lab.” Open the Lab, click on “Research” and select “Strange Gas”. You can research only one material at a time, unless your Lab is upgraded. The process lasts 10 mins, but you can speed it up for free. The research report: “It’s a type of an unique alien oxygen that appears only in the type of mine that was recently discovered. We don’t know why is that, but we believe is because the gas is being produced only by the crystals found in the mine. It’s structure: 69% Earth oxygen, 22.3% D-toxin type 6 and 8.7% bacteria Kintu (it’s 5 billion years old, which means that this planet is way older than our Earth). The insects found in the mine were probably feeding on the bacteria. The gas has an another interesting attribute - it can melt any metal that isn’t corrosion - resistant. But the effect is only superficial, so that doesn’t present any danger.” The gas is now called “First Gas On Planet” or “FGOP” for short.

Now that we’re sure that there is no danger in the mine, you can send Miners to gather crystals. Click on “Hire Mechs”, select “Miners” and then select your mine on the mini-map. The miners will be sent to the mine together with Cargo-Ships (they will carry the material). Mission 4, Objective 2: “Build a Warehouse.” The Warehouse is a storage for all your items split into 2 parts: One storage for Crystals, Materials etc. and the other one for Mechs parts (Torsos, Weapons, etc.) It will cost 3000 Al -Titaniums. The process can be sped up for 1 Dectanium. After 20 min, the Miners return with the Cargo Ships carrying 50 raw crystal pieces. Store 45 of them, and send the rest to the Lab.

Mission 4, Objective 3: “Research the crystals.” Click on the Lab, click “Research” and select your crystals. The process can be sped up for free. The research report: “These crystals are a mass of bacteria corpses. Bacteria Kintu is able to breed only under special circumstances, and it can live only under a special temperature. As the bacterias die, they amass in one place, creating these crystals. If the bacteria would get exposed to starlight, it would immediately dissolve. The crystal produces light, which makes it useful for other creatures living inside such caves. We have also confirmed our theory, the crystal produces FGOP. That makes it useful in another way, the insects feed on their ancestors, from whom they evolved. The crystals have the same attribute as FGOP - they can melt metal, superficially. But this effect can be increased through special experiments or “transformations”. It’s structure: 77% dead bacteria Kintu, 22.8% D-toxin type 6 and 0.2% water. The crystal is now called Kintarium.”

Mission 4, Objective 4: Transform Kintarium into weaponry material. Click on your Lab, click “Transform”, choose Kintarium and select “10”. That will cost 200 Al -Titaniums. The process (10 mins) can be sped up for 1 Dectanium.

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Interesting Stuff

2 objectives of mission 3 were completed in previous parts.
Objective 1 of Mission 4 was to send Miners to the cave.
The planet’s light source isn’t it’s Sun, but the stars that are near it, and also some light sources on the planet.


Wall !

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Although interesting plot

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