Campaign 2.0 Part 5.1 Remake

If you don’t know anything about Campaign 2.0, check out Second campaign FULL VERSION and Campaign 2.0 PART 7.
In the last four parts, we discussed: the campaign seasons, new values, the buildings and their functions. In Part 5, I’ll explain the function of the laboratory and mining.

Mission 3: “As you were informed, Earth’s resources are not of any use. Luckily, we have a plan for our survival. While investigating , we found that this planet has mines that have a chance of containing resources essential for our survival. We will send spy-mechs to investigate, and if they find a mine with the needed resources, we will send miners. The process is expensive, but it will be worth it.”
Mission 3, objective 1: Send spy-mechs to search for mines.
Then, click on “Hire Mechs”, click “Spy-Mechs”, click “Search for” and “Mines”.
Mission 3, Objective 2: Build a laboratory.
Now you will have to go to Shop, go to Buildings and choose “Laboratory”. Place it, and it will start building, the process will take 5 minutes (1 hour in-game). You will be able to speed up the process with one Dectanium. The Lab will cost 2500 Al-Titaniums. After 25 minutes, your spy-mechs will return with the report: We have found a mine located not too far from the Strange Forest (second season). It is 50 foot underground, and the entrance is well hidden under bushes. It seems to contain a plethora of useful minerals, which were strangely formed and purple green. They mine was filled with s strange cold gas, which seemed to be created by those minerals. There also were some strange insects feeding on the gas. The gas’ structure is unknown, and we decided not to investigate further because of a possible danger."

I’ll make Part 5.2 as a sequel to this part. Stay tuned!

  • I prefer the original.
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  • Is complicated, but is still good!
  • Is complicated, is too bad.
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