Campaign 2.0 PART 5.1 (is interesting 😸 )

If you don’t know anything about this, check out this this topic:

In last four parts, we discussed: campaign seasons, new values, the buildings and their’s function and what will you do on the start. In this part I will explain the function of laboratory and mining. (I will be making specific topics like these in future).
Mission 3: ,Sir, as you know, the Earth values and resources are useless here, as we barely have any. You don’t have to worry, we’ve got a plan for our survival. While investigating this planet, we have found out that there is a plethora of mines that contain resources for our survival. We have to send miners to get resources. But, the process is expensive.’’ Mission 3.0: Send spy-mechs to search for a mine. So, what do you have to do is to click on the Hire mechs , click Spy-Mechs and choose Search for mines. Then you get mission 3.1: ,Build a laboratory’’. Now go to Shop, go to Buildings and choose Laboratory. It will take 20 minutes to build, and you’ll be able to speed it up for three special crystals. Oh wait, I forgot to tell you. The special crystals name will be Fazed. The laboratory will cost 2500 minerals. I mean, 2500 Rubs. After 25 min, you spy-mechs come and give you the report: ,We’ve found a mine near The Strange Forest (second season), and not too near, luckily. Is 150 foot underground. We’ve found strange purple-green minerals. The mine was filled with some type of cold gas and we had no idea is is dangerous or no, so we couldn’t investigate further. There were also weird insects that were feeding with the gas.’’

There will be part 5.2, as a finish for this topic. Till then, stay tuned. :wink:

  • Is pretty complicated, but is good. Implement.
  • Is awesome! Implement!
  • Is too complicated. Don’t implement.
  • It sucks! Don’t implement!
  • I won’t vote until part 5.2 is done.

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New campaign , several weeks later , campaign nerfed to useless just like the beta big boy that guaranteed epics at the end , hope they dont repeat this cycle again