Campaign 2.0 PART 4

Part 4 is here! If you haven’t seen all of Campaign 2.0, then check out the full version:

As soon as you build your base, you start receiving missions. You’ve already done one mission, which is “Build your base”. The second one is to send spy-bots to one of the enemy colonies. The spy-bots come back after 5 min (5 min in real life in the game it is like 15-20 min). So, the results are: “Before we arrived, we’ve found some unknown type of mechanism. We tried to found out what is it, but it was impossible because it was alien-made and it was broken. So we continued our way. When we arrived, we tried to sneak into the colony, but there was an alien mech, which was also using the unknown mechanic. Also, the colony was protected with some type of shield. But, it was possible to see trough the shield, and we saw 1 alien mech, and 2 alien tank-like vehicle. There was also a machine, which seems the control the shield. We’ve tried to investigate further, but it was guarded by that mech we already told you about, so we almost got noticed. We had to escape.” So, this is the report. After that, you’ll have to build a defensive wall. But yea, you need resources, which you can’t get right now. But there is a solution: trading with other corporations. Those corporations are AI. You can buy resources from them, or sell for them to earn some minerals. But, for that you need to build a market. Luckily, you’ll get some free resources from other corporations. You will also need a warehouse, and for that, you’ll have to buy from other corporations (this will help you to learn how to trade). Different corporations feature different resources and different prices. Finally, you can build a defensive wall. That will take up to 15 min. You’ll be able to speed up the process for 3 special crystals. Trough leveling up, you unlock new upgrades for you defensive wall. And yea, let’s not forget you will have to move your wall from time to time to get more space for building. I’ll tell more later. So, I was talking about wall upgrades. You can upgrade it for better protection. You can build special automatic turrets on and in the walls. You can even place your mechs into the wall, so they come out to stop the enemy. ‘‘What are you talking about?? What enemy attacks??’’ - you’re asking. Well, you will get enemy attacks from time to time. When you’re offline, you can’t get attacked until you have at least two turrets in / on your wall. If you wonder how will you protect yourself without turrets when you’re online, you will be able to send your troops from your hangar to stop the enemy attack.
Well, that’s all for this topic. Stay tuned for part 5! :wink: :wink: :wink: (there is more)

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Don’t vote if you haven’t read the full version! Also there is more. You probably know that there are new values. So, I wanted you to tell me your ideas for the name. Just a reminder:
Gold coins are replaced with unique minerals. They are special because of their unique look and they can’t be used for anything because of their unique core. Those minerals will be called INSERT NAME HERE. Tokens are replaced with special rare crystals that create unique light and are INDESTRUCTIBLE which means they can’t be used for anything either. It’s name will be INSERT NAME HERE.
By the way, some of you remember, when SM reloaded was out, you had to turn your SM coins into gold coins. Same thing will be done here. Turn your gold coins into those minerals and turn your tokens into those crystals. 1M gold coins will be worth 325K minerals. 100 tokens will be worth 10 of those unique crystals. (If you disagree, fell free to say how should the price change).

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