Campaign 2.0 Part 4 Remake

If you don’t know anything about Campaign 2.0, check out Second campaign FULL VERSION and Campaign 2.0 PART 7.
As soon your base is set up, you will start receiving missions. The first few missions are a tutorial, while the rest are real missions that will help you progress trough the story, but also progress to become more powerful.

Your first mission, Mission 1.0, is: “Send spy-mechs to an enemy colony. Head over to the campaign, click on first level and click on “Send spy-mechs”. Your spy-mechs will then go to the enemy colony. After 1 in-game hour (5 real life minutes) the spy-mechs return with their report, which is: The colony is protected by some sort of shield, and we assume is being generated by the machine that was next to it. We couldn’t investigate the machine, because it was guarded by an alien mech. And it looks like the entire Deep City is protected by the same shield, which are controlled by the same generator. Around the colony, we also found a destroyed alien mech which looked very similar to the one we saw at the colony, and we assume it the past colony shield guardian. We’ve brought it here and stored it in the Base Warehouse.” Alright, that was the report.

Now, you have to build a Defensive Wall, and you need resources for that, which you don’t have… :frowning: But… there is a solution… Trading. With AI corporations, obviously. Not with players, wtf. You can buy and resources from corporations. Different resources feature different prices and different items to sell. But you will have to build a Market for that, and you need resources for that. Luckily, you’ll get some free resources from other corporations. Those resources will also be used to build a Warehouse.

Finally, you’re able to build a Defensive Wall. Yay. It will take 2 in-game hours (10 Mins). Trough leveling up, you will unlock new upgrades for your Defensive Wall that will help you protect your self better and shake off enemy attacks. You will be able to build turrets on and inside the wall, and you will be able to place mechs / tanks / buggies inside your Defensive Wall that will protect you from enemy attacks.

What “enemy attacks”, you may wonder? Well, you will get enemy attacks from time to time. Is obvious why they attack you. You’re attacking their colonies, and you’re their enemy. When you’re offline, you can’t get attacked unless you have at least 2 turrets or mechs in or inside your Wall. If you get attacked while online, you will be able to attack your enemies with your own mech. You can also place it in your Wall, but you will have to level up and unlock that ;) .

Well, that’s it for this topic. Bye!

  • I prefer the original.
  • Great job! :+1:
  • Is complicated, but is still good!
  • Is complicated, is too bad.
  • It’s awful!
  • Not so bad, but not so good either…

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Is this the reason you weren’t as active on SM?

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Not really… I’ve noticed that I’ve barely doing these at all, so I’m trying to finish them while I get to be online.

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Well, why not jump on SM while you’re online?

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Lmao Sean,that was savage!

Though I find this likeable.Especially this part:

Would bring controversity.To have your base unexpectedly attacked say,while farming,and having to defend it.


yah that would make some problems

Yay, I’m glad you like it guys :grin:
By the way, can you find me some png Christmas hat pics? Please!

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