Campaign 2.0 - Part 3 Remake

If you don’t know anything about Campaign 2.0, check out Second campaign FULL VERSION and Campaign 2.0 PART 7.

Gold coins and tokens are replaced with new values. Gold coins are replaced with minerals whose structure is similar to Earth’s titanium. Tokens are replaced with crystals of an unknown structure, yet still it has traces of Titanium Diselenide (a compound of titanium and selenium) in it. The minerals will be called “Al-Titanium”, and the crystals will be called “Dectanium”. Some may remember, when SM Reloaded was released, players had to convert their SM coins into Gold coins. The exactly same thing will be done here. One million Gold coins will be worth 800K Al-Titaniums, and 1K tokens will be worth 800 Dectaniums.

Whenever you find a mine, you can colonize if is it already colonized by Ker-dal’s miners. It may not be successful every time, but if you successfully colonize a mine, you’ll have to build a mini-base near it, so you always know what’s going on at the mine. Whenever you go to beat a campaign level, you will be able to bring some extra help (Mechs, Tanks, Buggies) with you, which you can build in the Hangar. You also get a few of them at the start. If you successfully beat a level, you automatically colonize it.

You will be able to pick up some items of off your destroyed enemies. Bring them to the Repair Shop, and there they’ll be repaired and functioning again, and converted to “your items”.

Upgrading your buildings can unlock new features. If you upgrade your Lab, you will unlock the feature to fuse materials, crystals to create a new one or to make them greater. Or maybe even to transform them into another material! Upgrading a Hangar can unlock “Fusing items”. Basically, fusing 2 or more items to make a greater item. For example:

I just downloaded this pic from my old topic

Upgrading a Repair Shop can unlock you faster and more effective upgrading.

In a Hangar, you will be able to build Mech-Ships, which are very important for connecting colonies and moving resources across the game world.

When you defeat Ker-Dal, you will have the same power here you had on Earth. There will be small enemy colonies across the entire planet. They will attack you from time to time, but in return, you can farm on those colonies. Heh. You will also be able to build more Bases around the planet. By the way, there will be a cutscene after every season defeated.

That’s it for now! See ya!

  • I prefer the original.
  • Great job! :+1:
  • Is complicated, but is still good!
  • Is complicated, is too bad.
  • It’s awful!
  • Not so bad, but not so good either…

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i didnt even read it but i already know its good


Then, you have no right to vote :upside_down_face:


If this was real. and i was not rejoined to sm, i would destroy my pc/phone to play it.

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