Campaign 2.0 Part 2 Remake

If you don’t know anything about Campaign 2.0, check out Second campaign FULL VERSION and Campaign 2.0 PART 7.
After you’ve find the planet, you travel to it with a small army and spaceship which will transform into your base when you land. Before landing, there will be 3 areas to choose from where to set up your base. These areas are all next to each other, with an uninhabitable border. Each area has it’s own benefits and downsides. When there, you’ve got your mechs and a small army.

Gold coins and tokens are replaced with new values. Gold coins are replaced with minerals whose structure is similar to Earth’s titanium. Tokens are replaced with crystals of an unknown structure, yet still it has traces of Titanium Diselenide (a compound of titanium and selenium) in it. The names will be coming up a little bit later.

You will be able to build buildings that will be essential for your survival, which are: Base (immediately built), a Lab, a Protective Wall, a Hangar, a Warehouse and a Repair Shop.

The Base is the most important building. You will be able to upgrade your Base which will get you new benefits and unlock new features.

You will need a Lab to research unknown materials and transform them, or just sell them. When you find an unknown material, send it to your Lab where it will be researched for a certain amount of time (researching is only required when the material is unknown). After that, you can fuse the material to make a greater one or send it to the Hangar to transform it into materials needed for building items (metals, ammunition and item cores). Those transformed items will be stored in the Hangar or in your Warehouse.

A Protective Wall is an essential part of defense, which will protect you from your enemies. You will be able to place turrets inside or on the wall which destroy any enemies in their sight. You will also be able to place mechs / tanks / buggies inside your wall which will attack any enemy nearby.

You will need a Hangar in order to create items and build your army. In it, you will be able to build ammo, metal and item cores. Combining ammo material and metal results in ammunition. Combining metal and special materials will result in an item core. Metal is created out of raw materials found on the planet. Combining metal, ammo and an item core will result in an item. But you should be careful when building an item, because it is possible to fail and lose materials.

A Warehouse is used to store your items. This isn’t the only storage, your Base also has a storage, and the lab also does. And the Hangar does too. Your Base storage can store all types of items, but it isn’t quite big. The Lab can only store materials and that stuff, and the Hangar can only store part and mech items. The Warehouse can store all types of items, and as you upgrade it, the storage gets bigger and bigger.

A Repair Shop is a building in which you can repair your army, and repair broken items that can be found across the planet.

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