Campaign 2.0 - Part 1 Remake

If you don’t know anything about Campaign 2.0, check out Second campaign FULL VERSION and Campaign 2.0 PART 7.

The story:
deep, old voice
You have finished this campaign. You saved the humanity from the invaders. And you gave humanity hope. But, can you stop the upcoming crisis…? That is for you to decide.

Soon, the humanity started running out of energy and resources potential for life, and humanity was plunged into chaos. But there is yet hope. 2 light years away, a inhabitable planet has been found, code named CF-34950, or “A New Hope”. The results were given by the mech-ships were astonishing. But there is a potential threat. KER-DAL, leader of a powerful mech empire, mch stronger than the invaders. But, there is only one way. TO FIGHT.

That was the story, time to get to the real thing. is an alien planet, so is entirely different form the campaign we have now.

The first season will be an underground city built in liquid ground protected by Ker-Dal’s old protector who didn’t fight for decades. Well, a liquid on which you can walk, but you can swim trough it too. Side missions are armed submarines.

The second season is a basement of rare resources found in “The Underground City” (first season), and is on an island, and is protected by Ker-Dal’s weaker army leader. Is an island with strange trees with frost spikes that are actually broods of some sort of insects. Side missions are security planes flying around the island. And you can get STRONG items when you finish the season.

The third season is an lab used for researching unknown materials. Is protected by a powerful physical mech with a rare weapon; replica of Ker-Dal’s sword. It is weaker, but it’s still very strong. Side missions are security planes.

The fourth season is a deep underground mine of rare minerals that were sold to other corporations. It’s protector is the leader of Ker-Dal’s stronger army. Side missions are empty mineral veins with mini bases built in them. You can get god items in this season, too.

The fifth season is on ground, and it’s built out of a stone that is rather easy to break, but is is large quantities. The place is protected by Ker-Dal’s great protector. Side missions are mini bases.

And finally, THE SIXTH SEASON, KER-DAL’S BASE. His base is built on some fiery liquid that lights EXTREMELY. This one is hard and tough, of course.

After you defeat Ker-Dal, you finally take over the planet! You can switch between the planets, and carry all you mechs and items there, but I wouldn’t recommend that, because your inventory would get filled in no time. By the way, Earth survived because energy and resources were brought to it. There will be 2 arenas. If you ask “Why?” is because there are two planets. And in the second Arena there will be mostly pros, while in the first Arena there will be the weaker players. Also, this campaign will be a lot harder than the previous, but that’s why the rewards will be a lot bigger too. And there will be a lot of new items, for sure.

Hope you enjoyed reading :)

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