Campaign 2.0 new values (you will want to see this)

Well, I wanted you to tell me your ideas for the name of the new values. A small reminder: Gold coins are replaced with unique minerals. They are special because of their unique look and they can’t be used for anything because of their unique core. Those minerals will be called INSERT NAME HERE. Tokens are replaced with special rare crystals that create unique light and are INDESTRUCTIBLE which means they can’t be used for anything either. It’s name will be INSERT NAME HERE. When you tell me your ideas I’ll make a poll with your ideas so people can choose their favourite. Good luck!


in the campaign they should make it that you can use all of your mechs instead of only being able to use one of them.

Tbh i dont liek the idea it will be harder for some of us to understand its a bad idea man

I will explain it to you the idea is that he is holding a story about SM for the new campaign and so that the developers try to implement them for the moment only two people who are holding stories @Skiller-Legendary @Antonio_Ortega

I think i understand ima lil dumb on some things lol

I do not understand you

No one ever does lol

can you explain and stop laughing

I dont understand what the legendary guy is saying about the campaign soo can u explain to me what he is trying to say

I already explained it to you, he has an idea for a new part of the campaign, what he is trying to do is to design a new campaign.

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ok now i understand thanks pal

instead of gold platinum=Pt? Plat is very rare and valuable instead of goldy yellow it would be beauty plat
instead of tokens they could be some kind of gems, ruby & Garnet are the closer to tokens sprite so if u dont want to modify a lot its a good way, just remove the ugly “T”

Well those crystals can be a mix of earth platinum and alien crystal which would make it even more valuable also tell me what name should it have

ruby is one of the most desired gems on certain mechanical functions its almost none friction waste made em really valuable
but if u want alien thing then
selenium-titanium could be ur material

I will launch my story on the 20th step I will give secret information