Calling all top players (for a challenge...)

As all of you know, drop rates are kina bad sometimes, and for many it is hard to get premium items.

I was thinking about top players, who have large amounts of items sitting around in their inventory, and got an idea.
I was wondering if some top players could come and make the best free to play builds they could. (free to play= NO premium items)
It would be pretty cool to see what people come up with, and it will also help unlucky fellows like me and many others get some good ideas.

Of course, this is not a tournament, (although you guys can battle your builds together just to see…) and there is no prize, so there is no real incentive to participate in this. I am not sure if no one or a lot of people will do this.
(Keep in mind- you don’t need to be a top player to build this. Just anything works.)
And one final thing- try to be creative! Sure, it is easy to just build the nightfall annihilation build, but that is used by so many physicals it is kind of boring.
Lets see some builds! (hopefully…)


I ain’t top player.

Does that mean i have to leave?

I assume reading is just difficult for people?

Anyone can post builds. As long as they’re not generic shit.


Read the last part lol

Keep it friendly angry transcendant


Missreaded that.

I’ll do that tommorow.
I’m kinda tired of that special crap.
I’ll be back.

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Accutaly i am done alredy lol

Perfectly not premium.

Thats the generic annihilation-nightfall build I specifically said not to do…

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Problem is, you cant get much creative with only E-M items…

im not a top player, but i’ll post my mech which has no premium items on it atm… and It’s not too bad.
ofc that grenade launcher will have to get replaced with an abomination at some point.


Exactly my old mech lol

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it was great wasn’t it? :slight_smile:

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Now, I am waiting to see if some top palyers who have their inventories filled would like to come and show us what they can think up…

Windigo, nightfall, night eagle, annihilation, 4 plates 2 ele engines and 2 heat engines, all utilities (except shield of course)

you dont read well

Old but gold


Shhh… No one will notice,

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Nightfall and Annihilation are the only useful f2p physical weapons.

Every other good phys weapons are premium. Of course these kind of builds are everywhere.

This isn’t a phys competition build… it is for all builds

I know these builds are everywhere, but I said not to use them because then that is the only thing people would come up with