[C o m e d y T h r e a d]

Insert any funny things here, dad jokes, puns, memes, anything that can be considered comedy about anything, be it related to SM or not.

I’ll start with mine,

Knock, knock
Who’s there
Broken Pencil
Broken Pencil who?
Don’t ask it’s Pointless



Isn’t memes thread an comedy thread too?

For math geeks out there


Yes, but this thread is not only for memes, you can insert other forms of comedy like puns or dad jokes.

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Knock Knock
Who’s there?
Somaliland who?
Somaliland is not an internationally recognized country

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Hell,i just learned about what is Somaliland and now you said that,dang timing.

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excuse the French pls

holy Molly

I do not agree

To give praise to a drug on a religious level is not a very good role modelling image a high ranking person may say

however, I’m sure its just a joke


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Image result for russian on a bear

Here we see your average Russian enjoying a day on the beach