Bye forever haters and friends


im out for good :no_mouth:


I remember when your old acc got banned, Boss or smth. good times


Good riddance, bye bye


I might doo the same soon if this game keeps lagging :@


see ya nopy, maybe if you werent so immature and a douche we could have been friends. I’m sure you’ll be back to this wonderful/addicting game. Peace


i don’t understand why you had to add the “and friends” part, since you don’t have any (being PLO’s pet doesn’t mean he’s your friend) and without it you already reach the 15-character requirement for topic subject lines

otherwise i’m glad i’ll never have to see you again


Too bad, he lied. I saw him again :broken_heart:


Wonder why this hasn’t happened yet @nopy99

Was this thread referring to 2020? LOL