Bye Dawners 🖐


Maybe I can win an era now… I really wish I could. XD

I don’t know how many times you have killed me, but it is a lot. Don’t think you know me, but Bye



Fuckin 20 chars.


We haven’t had the greatest of times contrary to the people who have expressed their gratitude so far and I can be held accountable for that. You made my life miserable but it was fun! Great opponent and smart player. Hopefully, you’ll be back soon!


Plot twist - Psi was my multi


Darn. Bamboozled again


Noooooooooooo the noob is running away


Only got away for 2 months…


Both PSI and Alfie are back even though they “Quit” for good :joy:


Well, Alfie said he had quit… PLO we made quit 3x in the same era. I come to see what’s going on while I’m enjoying my Summer break, I see both playing… SAME ERA.

Ofc I had to step in xD

After it I got the rest of the my Summer to enjoy. :sunny: :sunny: :sunny:


and psi is back XD i thought you were gone why come back in e3?? XD


BD is like herpes, you just can’t simply get away from it.


herpes , really
could have said drugs


He’s speaking from personal experience bane


You will be missed, Psi.

Welcome back, Psi.

… Nope, I think that covers it all. Cheers~


Bye again Psi. Don’t come back


Yup , the same experience which you shared with me while we were doing faction event.


and Felipe bows out with a win, GGs enjoyed the fight.


We know he will return when SGC plays again


Or when there is any event era.


Dont quit PSI :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue: