Bye Dawners 🖐


My mans Suresh and i have already quit. Way ahead of you, Felipe


What a joyous post to log in and see


I think he meant you


I think he meant you


The thing that i find bizarre is how madly you hate LGBTQOMFG+ people and think they are so weak they are unable to defend themselves. We are completely capable of doing so ourselves. It makes me sick how much of a bigot you are that you feel the need to get into someone else’s business and fight their fights for them.

Taxi drivers actually qualify as neither ladies nor gentlemen. They are indians


Lets get back on topic here, cum on guys!


You just assumed I wasnt lgbt myself kaen, which is wrong. And it wasnt meant as some valliant “defense” I simply queried why it was tagged on the end there.

K, bye person I barely knew. Best of luck in future endevours.


Topic :

I will miss you, same as I did before :exclamation:



Im pretty sure everyone in our skype group chat knows you are bi. And i remember like 4 or 5 years ago when you were hitting on me and had a picture of a buff dude in undies with a rainbow flag as your skype pic (i still have screenshots)

LGBT stands for Lesbian Gay Bisexual Trans. Yet you only talked about the LGT. Shame on you


And you forgot to mention pansexuals and genderfluid


So many options :exclamation:




Why would I mention more when I was asking why the ones which are there already had been mentioned?


why are you leading this thread off-topic is what i would like to know. i mean, you prolly don’t care about Felipe or the fact that he’s leaving, but there is no reason to destroy his thread by talking about something completely unrelated


You should practice what you preach


You are booooring :sleeping:

Lets talk how much Felipe sucks


Go for it


I love ya Feliper, meeting you and Leo have resulted in some of the most fun I have ever had through this game. I know I can be very difficult at times but u stayed with me and kept bring me along. If @trajic1 wasn’t already deepthroating you daily I’d have been right in there on ur brown mushroom.
Love ya and hope to see u back soon, but not to soon!
-Fat Boy Don


You forgot to include me in that first sentence but its okay. and deepthroating what? he hasnt left the house ever since you sat on his lap. you were either that good or that heavy, poor guy. :x


wow psi is quitting guess the average iq of dawners will double
sad to see the dumb dude who never gave up and always went against the odds and warred leaving though less free wins :cry: :cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry: bb noob and gl in whatever


Oh well then Goode Bye.
Unfortunately I come under ‘blocked on Skype’ category.
Anyway I have expressed my desire on Kean’s thread to do Faction 2 (if it happens) with you and leo leading and same core team with all odds against us.