Bye Dawners 🖐


Hey ladies, gentlemen and LGBT ppl.


Ha, I’m finally leaving this freaking game who got me for almost a decade or … will it still get me sucked back later? Who knows.

Once you get bored, keep playing but still bored… It’s time to stop… The fun still exist, but it ain’t like before maybe cuz I’m exhausted of it, some of you know what I’m talking about. Time to move on.

Especial thanks to my twin @leobratce, my white version @trajic1, my bae @djina :pig:, to the guy that made me lost some but helped on many others @Gaurav and the fat boy @TheAmazingMrO … I guess these stayed with me for a long time while most of all my old boys had quit. But not forgetting about the old and the new buddies I met, I won’t list 'em all… But if I didn’t remove u from skype, these are you. lol

Thanks to my haters, to the factions players, to my enemies… hope u all keep hating me, I love u all.

Once OwK, always OwK.

You’re welcome BD.

(If any event come up, let me know… I wanna lead it again with my co-leader)



No mention of Kæn… i see.

I won’t have to miss you, Felipe. I dont even play that whack game anyways. Got you added on Steam, so when the new Path of Exile league starts, we can play that shit together


lol poor guy thinks he can really quit, thought we’ve had this convoy before :stuck_out_tongue:

If u do quit just know mr O loves you the most, Leo secretly hates you, and you were never considered a friend of mine after you removed me.

Love you too :frowning:


Quit?? You cant "quit". Im firing you.


I have nothing to do with this thread but that was funny


Well shit, guess I’ll never win again


lol Don …,


Don you still have Psi’s twin, Leo


Wrong, I said I`m taking a break after E5 ends lol


Why were you even still playing e5 in the first place, Leo?


You put that pigs name before me… (talktothehand)


In what way do lgbt people not fall into the category of ladies and gentlemen?


In what way do they?


In the way that a gay man is still a man, a gay girl still a girl and a transexual still one of the two just not the one they were at birth.


Jesus Christ ■■■■ off lol


Gay man is not a man, gay girl is not a girl. And a transsexual is not one of the two either. They are called sinners. The important thing is to threat them as criminals. It is our civic duty to stone them to death.

I was gonna make a gay joke, butt fuk it.


Sinner and lady or gentlemen are not mutually exclusive terms. I just found it bizzare that lgbt people was shoehorned into the phrase ladies and gentlemen. Its like saying ladies gentlemen and taxi drivers.


That is actually pretty funny.

Here an interesting info you may didnt knew:

Members of LGBT Community wear the unicorn perk in supermechs


felipe can never quit this
what you speak is not possibul :joy: