Bye Bye Tacticsoft , we will miss you ~Battledawn Fam


Thankyou for all the good memories which made our childhood awesome.



See you again TS , till then bye

Dont be mad at me , i also think my song choice might be poorly picked


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Are you goin or is TS goin …left confused


why not both :thinking:


Another gaming company has bought Battledawn from Tacticsoft which was a part of tacticsoft since 2009. So the battledawn family is leaving after almost 10 years of being part of tacticsoft.


lets hope this will be benefitial for battledawn.


The current owner of battledawn is also an ex player, so let’s hope for the best.


2006 actually. BattleDawn has been Tacticsoft’s flagship game for 9 years, and has been with tacticsoft for almost 13 years.

The game that spawned Battle Mechs, and supported and funded the development of SuperMechs…

It’s historic to say the least, it solidifies Tacticsoft as the Supermechs Company, cutting its cords to BD and EA, originally its main projects, while it means BattleDawn is now owned by players, not the founder/creator.

I’ll probably say a proper word on it all soon, but for now I’ll quote Simen from 2010~:

Thank you Michael.


Where did the game go then?


It went where it wanted to go :exclamation:



Ok now let’s hope the same to happen to SM, to see if we can get some transparent and community-friendly developers as we once had in the past, or if at least the game dies so we can start pirating it


by the way, whats gonna be of bd side of this forum


If there’s no SM and Tacticsoft doesn’t make another game, it would be kill.


I care about SM, not about TS