Bye Bye Mythicals


So from what I read and understand in “Q&A with our came designer” that you won’t be able to buy mythicals. Mythicals will be more difficult to maintain. To the extent, you will probably need more tokens than anything now to up an epic to a mythical.

Just going to play it by ear now.

To those old players: I also get the feeling that the mythicals me have will be gone. They probably get down graded to make us use transformation. That’s what came to my mind when reading the Q&A.


Honestly, If I was unsatisfied with the new update then I might aswell quit


i disagree with what you say here honestly. It pretty much only destroy’s the gap between those who can spend $1000 to buy enough boxes to gather every myth and those who had to rely on hard work. Now, it simply even’s the playing field for everyone to require hard work. It’ll just be a “bit” less for those who spend money (which honestly, it should be).

Mythical’s do not become obsolete. They are still mythicals with 16 power level. The max has been raised however to reach 30. But to get there, lots of grinding is required. So, basically, you got 16 power levels above EVERYONE else at the start… After that, if you didn’t keep up and continue to progress along with all the new players, then yes… you’ll fall behind. As lazy player who doesn’t want to put in effort would.

And to the complaints about myth’s requiring luck… they ALWAYS did… you were depending on % chance from boxes before… now, you’re depending on % chance of items you receive in boxes, but ALL have the chances of getting to the highest level. So basically, everyone’s chances just increased in total. Supporters still get better chances, but those who don’t still have a fighting chance with some hard work. Seems like a very good system imo from how it sounds.

I mean, before this update announcement, most people complained that this game became pay2win. Isn’t it everyone’s hope that a game doesn’t solely depend on your wallet, but instead, your skill?


If after update it would no longer be a Pay to Win then I’m Happy :grinning:
But if … :skull:


It would be not be p2w anymore though in contrast, all of the effort in our mythicals worth years would be 80% garbage


So it seems the players who been playing for 2-3 years and collecting those rares , legendries , mythicals will no longer have the advantage , and the people who keep complaining that they never get good items in the boxes (like me) will have some advantage. :stuck_out_tongue: