Buying tokens error


I have tryed buying tokens a few times now… it complets like normal… money is taken from My bank account. And i get mail with recept. BUT NO TOKENS in the game…


@Berserk40000 hey ya go, again ^^

Also, I heard that tokens are credited some time after the purchase, sometimes


Some was over 24 hours ago… still no tokens… i am missing around 18K tokens!! They take My money buy no tokens…


Best to go in game and create a support message through the ingame support feature.

After this you should get an email that gets sent to your email inbox. You can reply to this and attach all evidence of the payments. The support team should then be able to help you with this.

Remember to include all relevant details to help them fix the problem asap.


Kinda hard when the support function in android is so bad made, it’s almost imposible to wright a email there… can not wright and see the text at the same time. And can not correct mistake afher the text is made.

I made a small text… but can not even send it… what crap support system…

Better just report dev of this game to google play…


Yeah, support can sometimes be bad. I’d just use desktop from now on.


Try going online and doing it from your browser.

Or email them directly

Remember to include your ID if you contact them directly so they can link you to your account.


Or better send a private message here in the forum to @Berserk40000. They take a few days to solve the problem, but when it comes to purchasing tokens, they solve it.


Hey, we are sorry for the inconvenience :slight_smile:
The devs are investigating the problem! Please, send the User ID to me + add your GPA


Thanks for tagging me in :slight_smile:


You should have received everything by now, mate!