Buying tokens bug


a few months ago you could buy tokens without spending much money in your prepaid card, but now you fixed it. WHY? you are just not allowing poor people to play anymore…


How is this a bug? :confused:


I remember the good ol days when there were 3 options for different numbers of tokens and they were all the same price :relieved:, it’s all about saving those shekels :slight_smile:


you sure this is not a bug? then i’ll move it to general chat.


it was a bug itself. staying over for years until they decided to fix it for no reason.


I didn’t fully understand what he said so :confused:


buying tokens without it using too much of your prepaid money is a bug, but it was a good bug and tacticsoft decided to fix it for no absolute reason.


Well there’s always money involved in these kind of issues ._.


it was alot better not fixing it, i dont want to waste all of my prepaid money on just 60 damn tokens, tats too low!