Buying mythical items


One thing i noticed with the game is its really hard to get certain mythical items thats why one thing i want added into the game is a way to buy certain mythical items



one reason myphical items are so valuable is because its so hard to obtain one of them you just need. I myself want to get FireWall for entire time of my arena mech build existance, and latest 65 cooling module could be used, too - but that doesn’t mean I would vote for “allow buying certain myphicals”. If you can have everything you want, you will go straight to the most overpowered builds and not not have joy of making strong mech out of trash you were given. Not only you will miss half of the game, you will suddenly find that everyone else have strongest mech builds, too - which would decimate fun of PvP


I’d say you could buy mythicals ? Bur for a high price , like fire wall for 400 tokens?


it doesn’t matter how high price you gonna put, Even 4000 tokens for myth won’t be really a problem for players.


it would be a problem for me


@25352: Why you say that? I don’t even have 4000 tokens.