Buyers Beware - the 5 boxes for 1k have a terrible drop rate


I got 5 non L-M legendaries and the rest was epics (2 out of 5 packs dropped only epics). The drop rate is most deffinitely cancer. That or I’m having the worst (((luck))) today.

Save your tokens.


Bruh that’s old news to me …
Premium packs are bad in general I found this out 6 months ago lol


the old strategy for make spend tokens with a ridicolous rate…too easy


Buy Premium Boxes kids.


Got 4 ARCHIMONDE. I have 6 now . I am stupid . I took the bait AGAIN!


the hell it is. i got claw and plat plating in one box. then got magma blast as well.


I got 5 Legends which I believe to be about the going rate (20%)

Max Protector
Flaming Scope


They really should buff the arch. I reckon we’d all mystseriously stop getting them if they did though. :thinking::thinking::thinking:


I got one legy over the 5 packs.
Luckiely that was the one item i desired the most and that was avoiding me…
But well, pretty bad drops.


The pull drone?


Had this one in portal. Its no good for me.

Ultrahot protector baby :slight_smile:


Rovo and metre are QUAKING right now.


Someone, please make those stupid boxes stopping of appearing on my screen every faking time, cant take this anymore, fuking hate when TS starts to rub something in our faces like we are forced to really buy it…


People, premium boxes seem to have a higher legendary drop rate than those dumb boxes.


Nope, those are nerfed too my friend, i tested another time…


Play the video first.

Give it 30 seconds.

Then click the image.



Crawling through my skin is better.
Dead meme,but it’s worth it.


That’s a good one!

I don’t know why,but in the last 2-3 weeks,many people got an Archimonde,myself included.


I hope that curse of the Archimonde never reaches me haha


I hope,too.
Well,it’s a pretty nice relic to keep.Good looking and L-M (rare),but too bad it has no practical use…