Buy Premium Pack?

Who has been lucky? :upside_down:

I was very lucky !

I bought not 1, safed 335 tokens = 7 $, because I would have get anything nothing usefull out of it !

They still hide the % … you can ask yourself 3 times, why they do !


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15% is ideal Q.Q!!!
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I bought 10 premium boxes (75 tokens) day before update and got no legendaries. Feeling like shit rn


This is why im afraid to spend my tokens

Yes, as a noob I am very reluctant to spend real money on tokens as usually, out of a box, i get one epic. Half the time it isnt even one i could grind up to legendary to use for an upgrade. I have been playing for 21 days(i just got my first 21 day prize), but from my view, it looks like spending real money on this game is pointless.

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Okey let me buy 335 token 5x box seems good deal… Hope i get my first legendary myth from it… Finger cross… Oh shit i got same crappy annoying stuff. Now what !

If you have to fuse spending tokens in gold is better…

I actually have reached the point where I have a lot of gold and not enough items. (but still over the limit because of power kits)

I only get items from the 2 free boxes and a few from campaign. I only buy normal boxes two - three times because of the silly price increase. Then the random drops from campaign and PvP… so that is at least 20 items per day, as required by the daily mission. Then I burn at least 15 or more to get the upgrade mission…

So, until I have another item to upgrade to epic/legendary or hopefully mythical… I actually have enough gold for now…

I’d probably buy more normal boxes if the price didn’t increase… :confused:

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