Buy myth boxes by item type?


We can already narrow down the type of item we can get in the regular SM shop. Say i need a regen module - i could keep purchasing the generic mixed item boxes in the hopes that i get one, or i could reduce the odds in my favor and buy a module box.

How about implementing this feature for the token-paid boxes? I get that it’s in the developers’ interest that the selection is currently open to the entire mythical item list but at the same time, narrowing down the box selection by item type could potentially generate more purchases to make up for that. Does this make any sense?


I agree there should be some form of getting a mithical with more choice but not too much i have an idea separate them by heat energy and physical to narrow it down and not by the same way as sm item boxes so its narrowed down but not too much.By separating mythicals byheat energy heat and physical i would put hp moudules in physical and shields according to shield type


I wouldn’t complicate things to that extent. I’m thinking more on the same lines as the item boxes. Scrap the silver, gold, myth and ultra myth boxes and replace them with special versions of the regular boxes we can already buy with SM.


Nah, would be easy to get the mythical you want…


thats what i mean it gets esiar but not too easy


Make it more hella expensive like a Mythical Torso Box for 500 tokens