Buy and sell items (comprar y vender articulos)


HELLO, SUPER MECHS:smile_cat:``

buy and sell items, at the price the player wants, but only players who have more than level 30, what do they say?

comprar y vender artículos, al precio que el jugador quiere, pero solo los jugadores que tienen más del nivel 30, ¿qué dicen?


I highly doubt the admins will do anything like that :slight_smile:


First of all welcome in the forums. There’re players with multiple accounts who can use it as a benefit. There’re also multiple topics about that too, so it’s useless what you’ve posted here.


no me parece una mala idea,habria que explicar mejor es el sistema para evitar abusos ,serviria como una subasta ,es lo que comprendi ,deverian existir precios genericos de los items y de los niveles que tengan ,evitar que el jugador ponga precios,aunque no se si sea lo mejor para los creadores de super mech por que los que compra tokkens disminurian…no creo que se aplique ,pero si se aplica tambien los administradores del juego pongan en venta sus titems ,pero no servira antes habia una tienda y creo que por eso la eliminaron.



I agree we need something so we can sell back to the house (aka Supermechs) because many will get to a point where inventory is full, our bots are maxed but we want to keep looking for the NEW better/different items but won’t be able to because of inventory limitation and NO WAY to get rid of items.

So maybe a sell back to the house for tokens, premium boxes, gold and these should be a choice as some would need gold others boxes so tokens would be the best option for all around choice.

You people can figure out the exchange rate items to tokens but it would have to be high enough so it will be a disadvantage to abuse.