Bulk SMC transactions


Basically what the title says, bulk SM coin transactions (and mass opening of crates while you’re at it), would greatly improve the player experience. I recently came back to SuperMechs and discovered that I’m sitting on what seems to be a large pile of SM coins in the current economy, trouble is I have to click 6+ times to get through purchasing a single crate and claiming the items within. At this rate I feel burned out after a few dozen crates, and there’s not much else to do since PvP is impossible at my rank when my peers are running pure mythical builds.
Essentially what I’m talking about is a text input box on the purchase widget that’d let users type in a bulk amount of the item in question, and then an equivalent option to automatically open the lot of them.

If I can’t simply buy 4,000 crates in one go and be done with it I’m not gonna stick around very long, and I know I’m not the only person who feels that way.

  • Yes, I’d like to see bulk transactions and streamlined rewards.
  • No, I like the way every crate requires manual labor to claim.

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nothing more to say here
this is what it reads
probably the game would get usefull bugs xD or annoying bugs with this but bugs would be there