Building mechs for fun :D


if anyone has a sprite sheet, send it to me and ill build you a mech


who even puts a orb cannon to the side wtf


i wanted to make it interesting


plus im not the one who made the sprite sheet. i just threw the guns on there.


Well I have a easy way of making Parts of mech. It doesn’t look as good, but at least it is made by you 100%
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(Well maybe about 50% since you are using Google Drawings. How I use google drawings well? Answer: using all of the resources I have that would look nicely together. And yes this is the torso I drew and shared out. It is my target for killing because of the design and stats being horrible. I should make other people come up with stats.)

I already made a drone that looks like armored Windforge, so f*** me for not realizing that :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


all american mech!


Nice. American, I do suggest this. Stars on the drone, no Black. All red and white. Top weapons are blue. Middle is red, bottom is white. Drone has stars tattooed on :smiley:


well all this came off of a sprite sheet. i didnt make these parts


oh. Well, can you give Google Drawings a try? I really like using it xD


ill see what i can do :confused:


XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD i made this beast on another thread. thoughts???


I feel like they should keep the torso and legs, remove a couple of the weapons so it is clearer to see, and then once a month make the Dog Mode challenge


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i guess i can move the weapons back a little tho


When you win in solitaire