Building challenge on workshop unlimited!


Now this is a competitive build under 900 kgs!


Oh yeah,now we’re talking.
Making this a real challenge,extra hard :laughing:


let’s actualy try real competitive builds, that function and you can take to the arena.


3. is kinda the best, for 900kg limit.

Also the 1kg tp, i have it, but most don’t so don’t know if it should be allowed.
Also sweetie, and purifier stats changed… they got lighter, and also they are enrgy free.


thats actually a decent idea. lets do that.


first mech qualifies. the other 2 dont. due to the sith torso.


then replace it with this one.
didnt notice that it was sith instead of interceptor :slight_smile: :

and this one is a trully remarcable beasty build, with that hp:


Why not?
They are lighter than 900.

Ah,the rule said that they have to be single-element.
Atill,I thought that applies to weapons and drones as not to build smurfs,I din’t think thw torso is a problem.
But,just to have this challenge extra hard,let’s apply that rule to the torsos,as well.






and something from the Heater side.
Actualy this shreeder of armor, could make the void hit 300 dmg/shot

this i would actualy use


It’s supposed to be 900 weight.
Its over by 2.


i applied the rule to everything but modules.



lol u copie


yes. build has to be unique. you will be disqualified if you duplicate builds.


lolololololololol no re-entries


Just saying: having Regen stat higher than energy Cap is dumb, to say the nicest…^^


“In the first rules, I mean The lighter weight!”




Electric Grapple, discalified^^


Can’t be hybrid?