Building challenge on workshop unlimited!


Do I win?


imma let this run til friday.


Ok. I bet I have the lowest weight though.


maybe, maybe not. someone may beat you.


I said I bet. I don’t know for sure if I will win.


Forgot it must be singel element xd


Let’s make this a real challenge.

Build a light competitive build (a build that can actually be used effectively in the arena)!

  • Weight has been reduced to 900 instead of 1000.

  • Must be single element.

  • All module slots must be filled.

  • Doesn’t matter what you use,as long as it can be used in the arena and could win against others.

  • Custom items are allowed.

  • Have fun!


What the hell!? You have to be able to win!?


Yes.It isn’t a challenge to simply create a build under 900 with all slots equipped.I’d just equip the lightest trash and there I’d have it.

A real challenge is to make it viable for the arena.


Why everyone’s using phys grappling when energy one is the lightest? Even heat one is lighter

Edit: Nevermind, I haven’t seen it has to be single element


is this effective enough in arena?


But it can’t compete with the lower weights :sunglasses:


Meh, atleast it’s affective with arena


So is mine. You go in there, decrease their resistance to oblivion and then you TP back out and Falcon them to death.


Doesn’t that only work agains’t claw users?


But you also have to make sure they waste their TP and charge


Expect a smart player use jump just to escape the falcon shot

If it’s a hugger…


That much energy won’t do much good anyways.
Swap all energy mods and add plates up to 900kgs then you’ve got yourself a light heat counter.
So yes :slight_smile:


why not have a fight between the builds? whoever wins is declared the challenge winner until a lighter build takes out the reigning winner

just like l4k3’s idea but staying out of the arena


like this?