Building challenge on workshop unlimited!


build the lightest mech you can filling in all slots.
weight has been reduced to 900 instead of 1000.
must be single element.
all slots must be filled
doesnt matter what you use, really. just build a mech lol.
custom items are allowed
have fun!

if you are in my server you will recieve a reward for the lightest mech.

1st: @Martymar
2nd: @Uruquizas
3rd: @El_Metre

1st: 1 role crate 2 uber crates
2nd: 1 role crate 1 uber crate
3rd: 1 uber crate

:diamonds: - Workshop Unlimited 2.6.5

i have in-server currency and crates.
role crate
omega crate
uber crate

the reward in my server is a role crate and 2 uber crates.
role crates gives a random role that i have in my server. could be rank 1-3 (4 and 5 is earned) or something like the DJ role to control music bots. something like that.
and the uber crates have 500k-750k in-server currency and possible vip.




its a challenge. try it out lmao. if the weight was 1000 wouldnt be much of a challenge, would it?


there you go 3 options:

Functional Armor shreder :

single element all the way(platplats are considere phis element) :


well armor can go on any element. since it just increases armor. so i dont see a problem with it. but cool! now the 3rd mech IS disqualified though. since its 27 over.




I am CoyoteTango109 on Discord



dayum. your in the lead lmao. good job xD


Good job, gg.


you can go again if you wish


I know, I’m trying right now.



I forgot a module, sorry.


add a mod.



Beat him by 2.


nice. now it qualifies.