Building a dmg heater?

Abomination. VR. Desolation. Terror Cry? I guess could be replaced with Magma Blast

If you want some good dmg heater ideas, then look at Asa’s builds and Al’s (mostly Asa’s tho, since Al’s are no brainers).

But to build a mech like Asa’s, you need HP myth plates and myth resistance maxed. And you need heat and energy maxed too modules.

The Asa mech is not available to everyone, it´s only for a few enlightened.

If you get 2 Magma or 1 Magma and 1 reckoning solve many problems, because are free energy. But you have to get them.

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Well he could check out El-metres post that includes a couple heat mech builds. And strange, didn’t know Asa had plates. Just thought he had max protectors.


That VR is a joke. Heater mechs just don’t stand a chance in the top ranks.

Best build in my opinion for an all round decent heat mech is:

Desolation x2
Reckoning or Mercy

1800-1900 hp
570/270 Heat
370/150 Energy

Not so much energy required due to energy-free weapons.

This build would stand a fair chance against all builds.

Not so fond of the Magma blast. Too hit or miss, plus only one shot. The above weapons cover all ranges.

My ideal build, just missing the Abomination, sadly enough.

Unfortunately, you need 2200+ HP to be a successful heater.

My simple build beats most advanced heat mechs out there, but many are tuned more specifically for 3v3 battles.

STAY AWAY FROM THAT VR. Most mechs out there have 250+ cooling, so it’s highly ineffective, and just takes space.

but its a lightweight non-premium, energy free item, that does ridiculous resist drain

It’s a pile of dog shit that does 1 shot, and minimal impact to top tier opponents. I’ve taken dual mythical shots and it just tickled.

Even energy mechs thank God when they see opponents equipped with it.

It may be slightly effective in rank 10-15?

I think it’s just another LOL by devs to the heat build players.

terror cry is my favorite


2 explosions of Magma leave you dry!

and 2 desolations is not good, you need 1 weapon to push and 1 desolation.

and I have a heat 100% free energy.

and that thing that you call shit of dog made me ball my phys in 1 battle.

you could use terror cry or repulser

#Heat Top Build:
#Rocket king
How to build:
Torso: brutality/zarkares/windigo
Leg: scorching feet/devouring paws
Weapon: abomination, supreme cannon, desolation
Drone: Clash
Module: 3 energy module, 3 heat module, 2/3 plates, resist

physical mech
some heat mech

melee energy mech
start at 1 range
melee heat mech
Gameplay Difficult: easy

Grade:★★★★☆ and half star
#Flame thrower& Rocket
How to build:
Torso: zarkares/windigo
Leg: devouring paws
Weapon: 2 crimson rapture, 1 magma blast
Drone: clash/nemo/swoop/murmur
Special items: hook(must), charge(could), teleporter(should)
Module: 3/4 energy module, 2/3 heat module, 1/2 plates, resist if you have

melee mech
low heat/cooling down mech

Far range energy mech
control physical mech
Far range heat mech
Gameplay Difficult: easy

Grade:★★★★☆ and half star
#Shotgun&rocket mech
How to build:
Torso: any heat torso
Leg: devouring paws/scorching feet
Weapon: 1 reducking, 2 magma blast, 1 desolation
Drone: murmur/clash/nemo
Module: no energy module, 3+ heat module, 3+plates
Special items: hook(could), charge(could), teleporter(could)

physicl mech
melee mechs

no( only some high damage snipper energy mechs)
Gameplay Difficult: medium

#Corrupt rocket control mech
How to build:
Torso: zarkares/brutality
Leg: iron boots/heat legs
Weapon: 1 magma blast, 2 corrupt light, 1 desolation, 1 repluser
Drone: murmur/clash
Special items: teleporter(must), hook(should), no charge
Module: none/1 energy module, 3 heat module, 2/3 plates, no resist

physical mech
energy mech

rocket king
melee heat mech
start at 1 range
Gameplay Difficult: medium

Grade:★★★★☆ and half star

Lazy to type just copy from guide


i like rocket king i want to build it some day

I like your post but it’ freakin rare to get atleast one of those legendary-myth items.
btw #swords are OP asf or something like that

like my seprah blade remember i got the supreme cannon

I dont have pictures but a great mech loadout would be the melee heat.
1 heronmark
2 crimson raptures
rolling beasts
module loadout: 3 energy engines/ engine, cooling, capsule/ 2 capsule and cooling.
3 heat engines/engine, cooling, capsule/ 2 capsule and cooling
1-2 platinum plating, based off heat+energy module set-up
Charge+hook, maybe teleporter if you have the weight

That would be a nightmare for close range phys mechs,but weak against rocket king build or any mechs with push weapons like bully or repulser

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