Build your dream team


You are so correct! How could I be that selfish, I was including ANTRAX purely for myself since we always have a healthy BC chit-chat every time we meet when there would be significantly more potential with Emo!

But seriously though… imagine that team with every person actively trying their hardest to prove that they are better than all of the other people who they absolutely despise! I’m a genius!

Quick Edit: Just because I am a selfish person, my brain immediately though of another person who would be a perfect fit into TDS… (other) Patrick, The Stranger. Goobye Dro, you are no longer angsty enough.


12 Man era:

  1. Gavin/Kodak : Cant even think of a team without him , who is gonna just login at a random time and start giving you new lessons on BD and try new tactics

  2. Djina : Need her to carry the team and start wars with random alliances staying awake for weeks and ringing me 20 times to wakeup before i die and point out that we have all noob members.

  3. Lamp : watching out for me , telling me from era start dont ally these people and i still ally them ignoring her advice saying DW i got this and then get stabbed , and still she fixing stuff for me.

  4. Joker (Mridhun) : an urgent foreign trip showsup whenever war start :joy: , but come back boost red . and knows almost everyone on BD, can get u any team blue and can plant a lot of players.

  5. Mirage : one man army , can solo enemy teams and has like 30 squads while rest of team has 10 per person.

  6. Trae : one man army again , can upgrade any random op to TB at eot, boost 5 squads and kill the guy who thought he was taking an empty op with 3 squads.

  7. Eddie : super active , knows the game well , but special skill most entertaining person in the chat after getting drunk , and start random wars for stupid reasons “he called me fat”.

  8. TJ/Antihuma : super excited before era start , arrange the team and allies and rank1 for first 100 ticks and then suddenly invisible for next 100 ticks , unless u go to his house and get him back playing. Real life friend

  9. SNS : someone has to login and ask “what are we doing” and then u make him understand the whole situation and repeat it everyday , but hey we get it family & work > Game.

  10. Youseff: - At 3 am on some night of a 3 ticker Bane : youseff we locking it at eot , youseff :yes , Bane : bro u have structure , youseff : yes , Bane :lock lock , Youseff : fcuk we dont have 24 control ticks , we fell for that like 3 times :joy:

  11. Justin : Most positive and motivated guy i have ever met , doesnt matter if all rest 9 members have died , he wont giveup and keep fighting till the era ends.

12 Bane : Saved a spot for the last noob :smiley:


9 milans 1 me

20 char


U forgot the 2 Kæns.


Haha there were 6 on that M2, just gotta find yourself three more


me, 8 yessums and a zelet.


Hmmm dream team…

  1. Dane as leader.
    2.Not me.

Dont know how well it would do, but they were some of the most fun players I had the pleasure of knowing.


Geenstijl for president


if there are 6 … there can be 9 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


The team sucks. Need more haters for it to work out well.


I’ve like been totally left out of the lists :frowning: . This is a horribly sad day. Well I can understand though, I’m rather new to .com so not too many people who would vouch for me.