Build your dream team


12 Man era:

  1. Gavin/Kodak : Cant even think of a team without him , who is gonna just login at a random time and start giving you new lessons on BD and try new tactics

  2. Djina : Need her to carry the team and start wars with random alliances staying awake for weeks and ringing me 20 times to wakeup before i die and point out that we have all noob members.

  3. Lamp : watching out for me , telling me from era start dont ally these people and i still ally them ignoring her advice saying DW i got this and then get stabbed , and still she fixing stuff for me.

  4. Joker (Mridhun) : an urgent foreign trip showsup whenever war start :joy: , but come back boost red . and knows almost everyone on BD, can get u any team blue and can plant a lot of players.

  5. Mirage : one man army , can solo enemy teams and has like 30 squads while rest of team has 10 per person.

  6. Trae : one man army again , can upgrade any random op to TB at eot, boost 5 squads and kill the guy who thought he was taking an empty op with 3 squads.

  7. Eddie : super active , knows the game well , but special skill most entertaining person in the chat after getting drunk , and start random wars for stupid reasons “he called me fat”.

  8. TJ/Antihuma : super excited before era start , arrange the team and allies and rank1 for first 100 ticks and then suddenly invisible for next 100 ticks , unless u go to his house and get him back playing. Real life friend

  9. SNS : someone has to login and ask “what are we doing” and then u make him understand the whole situation and repeat it everyday , but hey we get it family & work > Game.

  10. Youseff: - At 3 am on some night of a 3 ticker Bane : youseff we locking it at eot , youseff :yes , Bane : bro u have structure , youseff : yes , Bane :lock lock , Youseff : fcuk we dont have 24 control ticks , we fell for that like 3 times :joy:

  11. Justin : Most positive and motivated guy i have ever met , doesnt matter if all rest 9 members have died , he wont giveup and keep fighting till the era ends.

12 Bane : Saved a spot for the last noob :smiley:


9 milans 1 me

20 char


U forgot the 2 Kæns.


Haha there were 6 on that M2, just gotta find yourself three more


me, 8 yessums and a zelet.


Hmmm dream team…

  1. Dane as leader.
    2.Not me.

Dont know how well it would do, but they were some of the most fun players I had the pleasure of knowing.


Geenstijl for president


if there are 6 … there can be 9 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


The team sucks. Need more haters for it to work out well.


I’ve like been totally left out of the lists :frowning: . This is a horribly sad day. Well I can understand though, I’m rather new to .com so not too many people who would vouch for me.