Build your dream team


Unfortunate. Maybe in CE 3 :smiley:


CE3 my ass :expressionless:


I’m glad someone mentioned one of my names. My ego was about to take a beating there :smiley:


Holy christ ur still alive


What servers are looking interesting these days?

And have you seen scrobz or capi around?

I suddenly have lots of free time after this discharge and wouldn’t mind practicing the art of backstabbing again.


E2 atm is the only server looking great , like every alliance is involved in some way


Scrobb was around earlier this year but I haven’t seen him in a bit, and the only fun servers are small team worlds now


How you doing Red Alert?


@Malicewolf - i still remember our noob days fondly

@Gaurav - you kept me alive when i was that hotheaded noob, and you will do literally ANYTHING to help your team win, absolutely invaluable.

Pantera - Monster of a player, enough said.

Dane - Great battlefield coordinator

@Alexander - I take it you probably dont really have time to play anymore, but you were a beast playing in JFA as Shatterer. We were the first team to ever win E1 without subs. :slight_smile:

Martin/Unky - By far the hungriest player that i’ve ever played with, never seen anyone like him.

Psi - Great guy, also great at tactics and micromanaging a battlefield.

Routhy - When he goes 100% on an era, he’s very difficult to stop, played in BYZ and JFA with him, impressive both times.

Niracas - Not much else you really need to say except that Will is a BEAST.

And including myself in this list because why make one if you don’t include yourself lol


My dream team would be a 3 man era with @Horo and @Sakrie.


Yeah thanks babe :angry:


My dream team would be a solo era. :heart:


Pshh, means only you could blame yourself for starting a war at the wrong time :stuck_out_tongue:


Gonna make a list of my dream-team… It’s name will be “The Dead Sea” because it’ll be supersaturated with salt and who doesn’t love some TDS (heh heh heh)

Vega (not Kaen vega)
And I’ll throw Xyz in there too just because we need somebody to act as the group punching bag

Sadly, this is actually a not-horrible team.


Horo and Lamp on one team?
And ouch. Not Kaen. I thought we had a thing going


Sorry Kaen, you don’t add enough 100% pure unguided hatred.

My theory is that everybody hates each other so much, they all play to their best to prove that they’re better than each other.


Im too lovable and nobody hates me and i dont hate anyone.

Well, one person hates me. But i love him and still look up to him.

And Alfie hates me as well but he hates everyone, sooo


It’s okay, he hates himself too he’s still at that age.


But I wouldn’t die due to not knowing war started G!!

you’d need Emo in there then for Horo


My dream team:

@Alexander. He can, like, type me up a huge army and if i die i get em back and he’ll just delet enemy armies. Also, soawn relics with 420-tick shield, belonging to me from start.

Im sorry, lads. I think i win this one. Alexander x Kaen is best team.