Build your dream team



I would pick Michael Rosen.


Psh, that noob. He’s been inactive for years i tell ya :stuck_out_tongue:


@Robin_Hood can i be on your noob team with Michael Rosen?


My dream team would be 9 pieces of wood and a NickC75


Capo getting ready for those 11 man alliance worlds. Or his dream team doesn’t have himself on it. OR Capo considers himself a piece of wood. The more I think about it the sadder it gets.


nah this was the dream team. myself is on the winning team, consisting of 10 great Capos :smiley:


That guy who DDoSed BD a while back, and whoever else I can find.


You mean PS?
More characters


I’m not sure if you’ll know him


NCR peeps mainly , i wouldnt want really good teams with fat egos just nice people.


@Kaen xoxo
Post must be at least 20 characters, including a blood sacrifice


I’m the same, my dream team would just be a specific combination of the best of my existing team mates


Me, my Albanian Clone, my cat, a pirate, burghuehuehuehuehue, Udyr, Kumar, diabeetus, beyblade, a degenerate, the legendary number 11, that one snowman I made when I was 12, and the blood god himself


Cough cough, translator here:
NickC75, Capo, Kenny, Makda, Mnaitzme, Neno, Oreo, VRUAGO, Spinbob(also known as Bob of Spindia… get it… cuz he’s indian…nvm), Frothy Frogs, MoeBringerOfDoom, Frostyicing, Ricco

Yes that’s a 13 man team, and yes that’s why we haven’t played anymore after CE v2.0


I don’t even know 10 players in this game…
I’ll just use capo’s list


Prince Khaled
Jack(Oracle of Apollo)
Sage Mode


Staffyman (TLA)
Dave (DETH Leader)
Renee (DETH)
Apollo (the real one :stuck_out_tongue:)
Jeremy (AUA Leader)

*Kapp 11th man (Hated but he has a great brain for strategy)


5 rudis and 5 youssefs to keep me entertained day and night !


It’s a dream team, not a gay show.


puff :persevere: im not on it :cry: