Build your dream team


Title says it all really, but let’s say you had the pick of any 10 players to build your team (9, given you might want to include yourself). Who would your team consist of? You can pick only current players, or mix and match from current and retired players, whatever you like!

Edit: I should start off of course. At the risk of leaving people out because I’m momentarily forgetting…

Korupt if he’d ever play again

Many tough calls, but that’d be my list.


I would pick @Malicewolf and @Simmen . Win would be safe for me – I trust those two never to let me down.

Oh, I get 9. Right. Let’s add @Fluffeh then (amazingly dilligent), Gavin (always keeps a cool head, great mentor, super dilligent), Adam (diligent and GREAT guy), Aashis Pant (ditto), @Gaurav (Brainsssssssss!), Pantera (not what he used to be, but still one of the people that are just nice to have around :slight_smile: ), Sarah (Mitsuki… she is tons of fun, a great planner and a real fighter).

of course this is me being forced to pick. There’s tons of nice people I’d like to play with again but who I just don’t know as well, like Lain, Jeremy, Murija, Begel, Renato, Ourania, Crusnik, Edi (he is AWESOME), Numair, Felipe (He’s amazing, but I have only played with him in awful eras… :frowning:), Redwurm for that matter… Staffyman is also a terrific guy to talk to… Probably forgetting many… But the ones I have spent the most time with take precedence in the end – trust is important.

All I’ve mentioned are 24/7 active and team players first and foremost. Probably why most haven’t heard of them.

I’d also love to try an era with @Senatus, @EnerGY, Martin (Unky), @Rob, @LeBoink, @admin_joe among many others.

But you don’t do a dream team with people you think may work out with you. :slight_smile:


Don’t try an era with EnerGY, you’ll regret it :stuck_out_tongue:

Kyl is a BD god though.


Tycho, Lemons, Steed, Mafya, Lee, AoB, Stela…

I miss my squad :cry:

Oh and cuz I need 10, Beso (come back soon fam), @Rob, and Kæn :slight_smile:


‘Carter’ and ‘dream team’ dont actually get to be in even the same board as each other


:frowning: I can dream Alfie, I can dream…


ayyyeee Besoooo, Beso just came on Skype and talked to me actually but hes gone off now xD


I met Beso after he killed me, actually a lot like you :stuck_out_tongue:

What a guy <3


From current players/recently retired players I’d have to go with

Iceman (never played with)
@Gaurav (never played with)
@Malicewolf (never played with)

Missing out on SGC players: Stark, Alfie, Sakrie, Vega, Lawmpy etc
Also missing out on some other names like @EnerGY @Elcent probably forgot a bunch more I’m not that good at remembering people.


hahaha yeah Beso is the best.


I miss Dylan cri :’(


Kane,Soma,Bahbur,MadMihai and Jube,old but gold <3 (Only posted those that quit because a dream team is like a team that will never happen,or that will never again happen).
Not 10,but feels like 10 with em!


Feelings would be hurt. I’d honestly like to play with anyone that’s active and experienced :smiley:




Hmm, fun fun ^^ Let’s see here. For me, I’ll have some names many don’t recognize anymore as there are definitely some retired in here from OC. Also, I’m taking into account a team that meshes based on what I know personality wise. Because a team that fights itself is never fun D:

  1. Me (I’d usually opt out on this guy though; bit of a scrub :unamused:)
  2. @Alexander - because he will forever be my co(rgi) leader
  3. Iceman - Though I’ve never played with him in same team, but i’ve seen him play and when I’m not trolling him, he’s a nice guy :joy: And extremely active.
  4. @Senatus (aka Milan) - Once again, never played with in same team. But we all know why Milan is picked (his dank memes obv).
  5. @Fluffeh - Always diligent. And he’ll remind me to follow my own rules I set when I decide to try to be lazy!
  6. @Simmen - Who doesn’t want the king of spam? And as Alex said, always dependable. I know he’d flake out on a date for me on BD anyday :kissing_heart:
  7. Seti Nero - My old co-lead way back in the day when I lead Virus (=V=). He was with me for years and helped me every time I attempted to take on GML :sweat_smile:
  8. @Gaurav - Because G is the king of contacts :smiley:
  9. @Theo - We’ve been in many teams together. He was always my dependable leader.
  10. Juno - Because no team is complete without an awesome female (no sea of dicks pls! :sweat_smile:) And let’s be honest. Juno could kick all our butts across the map (twice).

But as Alex said, so many I’d want to play with… Kapp was fun to play with, would love to play with Craig more, Tharah the pew pew, Lain, Rob, Felipe, Trajic, Kyl, and god knows there’s a list of others. Why these lists gotta be so hard to choose from :sob:


10 Fluffeh’s so i can sleep all night


Agreed with Feitan lmao


My dream team:
Mr O
Kent (not the other Kent, this one is a close friend of mine)
^ The Unforgiven roster - My alliance is called ‘X’, it won the final Mars 3.
Milan, because I want to play with Milan.


do ce3 and show up with some of these teams
uh, assuming that’s possible
the teams I mean, hard to actually get your dream team.

also good call george, twelve gives you two more players to fantasize about for your dteam.


I am not good enough to get on this team, but

  1. Jazz, myself
  2. SirSkipsWith
  3. Prince Kael
  4. Milan
  5. Geenstijl
  6. Lawmpy