Build suggestions using my inventory

Hey guys,
I would like your input on creating mechs using my current inventory. I would like if anyone is willing to show me 2 builds for each mech type

id do a melter build to troll peeps with no cooling

Frantic Bruh Momento Renegade on a MPV or LPV

I dont reccomend this build, but here…

why not u build somethin first then we can suggest

lazy butt


Sorry,mate,but these are just…

they arnt supposed to be im trolling duh

The last electrical has an emp

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To be brutally honest? All of it can be wiped out by a single physical balanced tanker with a frantic.

Yeah with my frantic XD! not really, i would lose on luck

its like you didnt read the whole thing smh…
i said “they arnt supposed to be good i was trolling him duh”

I get to arena 4 on a 2v2 and 1v1. So troll away. I figured you were just a special education student

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ive gotten rank 3 in 3v3 and 2v2
and rank 4 in 1v1 XD and im a complete f2p pleb XD
so ya go and flex P2W player about your credit card achievments

and how I know he bought the offer for the mech XD
Edit: my pro inventory for rank 3


thats it xd…,

are those all your myths?..

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yup and i recently got berning shower i am a complete pleb who has bad weapons :confused:

I did spend the $20 on the mech deal because it was a good deal. Any other time I spent money on the game was because I have had goggle gift cards so yeah. But in total I’ve spent 70 between the cards and this one purchase.
P2w is not exactly a good description of me though. I’ve been playing since November of 2018 so I think I’m doing okay all things considered

even if you’ve put hundreds of dollars in the game holy your 1 lucky man with all those L-M items 0-0

I have gotten lucky plus I was in ALCOLADS for a bit and we would get over 2000 wins so I got a premium box weekly which was nice. We all got burnt out doing it. A few times when we had the Vietnam twins we were getting 4k wins. It was insane

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