Build outpost window movability


so, im trying to make an outpost on the very left of the screen. that’s impossible with the “build outpost” box in the way.

and it’s not movable. idk if this should go into suggestions (because im suggesting they make it movable) or if i should make a new category called “whining” or should i drop it into bug report?


How to solve problem

  1. Don’t


actually this is a great point , yes they should make it movable for sure


Alright @Kaen it can be annoying… But, using a lil part of ur brain.


Just move down a lil… It always works. Love u <3


Moving down takes effort. I wouldnt have to do that if they changed it


You would need to move the Window anyway, c’mon lol.


I have used a computer before. Im pro at moving windows now.