Build help-second mech

Was wondering if I could get help for my crappy second mech which is the reason why I can’t get past rank 6.
MY first mech is a physical, with no chance against energy, so if there are any ways this could hurt energies (but not just energies) that would be great.

There is a last words hiding behind that hammer, btw

P.s- dont move this to the general thread because I tried already, and I wasn’t able to find any good advice since no one checks there. I will move it to spam once it is done

Three Energy Engines, Two Heat Engines, Cooling Booster, Two Hp plates, dev paws (iron are 2kgs over weight).

This is what I threw together. I’m an idiot, forgive me. YOU’RE USING WINDIGO…use iron boots…forgot you save a god 17 more KGs…lmfaoo

Weapon choices look pretty good as well.

Past 6, I wouldn’t utilize a heater against physicals/energies. (unless it was energy-less therefore granting more HP).

That physical can be easily turned into an energy counter. Do show mods and what not.


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I don’t have Wheel Chair, BUT I’d recommend running two heat/3 energy engines with 3 plates. High Energy/Heat (CD/REGEN) and over2k HP. It should help you out a ton as you progress down the ranks.


“Wheel chair”


Empty range 2.
20 empty ranges.

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Love it.
20 premium wheelchairs.

Upgraded modules a bit

When maxed, on first mech, there should be 500 heat, and 200 cooling, as well as 380 energy, and 160 regen

I would have a zark torso on for the extra 200 health.
Second mech maxed would have around 500 energy, 200 regen

It would also have 560 heat, and 220 cooling,
It would no longer have a last words, instead a war hammer (I know that I am never getting an abomination/magma blast, so war hammer it is.)

That link doesn’t do anything- not sure why it is there

The second one, heater should have more than 220 in CD. Switch one of the engines for that cooling booster.

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Good to see youre still at work and improving @dankmementos. How does the arena go?
Kicking some smurfy arses?

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As far as I know, there aren’t any smurfs in rank 6- they seem to stop at rank 7

Smurfs stick around at rank 10 I believe- so I’m glad I got out there before the smurf crisis lol

As far as kicking some ass goes- I would say pretty good

You know, I kinda want to go against you in a 1v1- see just how badly I will get destroyed lol

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Good danky. In you i trust.
We can get down to it now if you want. What shall i pull? Rounded or anti phys?

Rounded- your anti-phys would destroy my phys in a matter of seconds…

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Gg mate. Love this build…

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Its a killer lol.
I cant imagine being a heat or energy going against that monster…

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Got a pair of these…

approximately 160 regen is equivalent to nothing.though it could give you like 1 extra chance angainst energy. so i guess you could remove them engines and add resistance or plates.

With those stats, I could get 3 turns in

Thats enough to reel in the energy mech enough so that I can crush it with my mercy

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