Build Choices for a New-ish Player

Hey, I was wondering if I should be swapping my build. I’m currently using the backbreaker, bulldog, and nightfall, with night eagle. Since I got the face shocker I was wondering if I should swap for an energy build, or what to do :P. Here’s my inventory, minus a bunch of modules, etc.
Sorry if many people come asking for advice, but it is kind of overwhelming, and I don’t feel I can make any build completely right now.

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You lack modules and enough weapons to stick to a build atm. Just get Brutality to myth for now, if you get more energy weapons and energy engines mods then you should go for energy.

But , don’t upgrade that backbreaker, it’s useless.

An annihilation, nightfall, night eagle, with the void drone, is one of the most popular high level physical builds right now, plus you have a leg/myth charge which is useful for that build. This is probably your most complete build with what you got, your void drone is already max legendary, and the brutality is decent for this build (Would also be decent for energy build but there is better for both). Ditch the back breaker, level up the annihilation.

Either way you are going to need some more plates and modules unfortunately.

Since you do have the energy shotgun and legendary energy hook, plus face shocker, you will ultimately be able to make a nice energy mech, but you probably still need at least a last words, I don’t know you might could cobble something together, but like I said I frequently see people rank 2-3 using an annihilation, nightfall, and night eagle with the legendary charge and void drone. Get the right modules, more plates, and another annihilation, and a build like that could take you to the top.

Also I have a maxed face shocker and a maxed windforge, and I find myself using the windforge, face shocker is decent but once you face higher HP enemies it is gonna run out way too early most times… I go back and forth though

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Thanks for the advice! I guess I may stick to physical for the time being, and I’ll reprioritize. I have 4 energy engines and 2 heat at the moment, and I’m sure I’ll get more by tomorrow easily. How many of each module/plate will I want right now, and are the epic max energy/heat ones viable? Anyone have an inkling?
@Merciful What kind of modules do I need?
I have plenty of engines, heat and energy (the heat/energy max AND regen ones right?)
So what should I do? Didn’t include in pic, oops.

For an energy build you are gonna want several mythical energy engines so that your energy is around 500 with around 250 regen, so like 3 or 4 of them depending on the torso. Then probably like 2 heat engines. Focus on leveling up the engines first, and then the regen only ones if you need to tweak your weight.

For a physical build, I see a lot of people running around with low energy but I usually demolish them with my energy build, the ones that run high energy (400ish) give me a lot of trouble.

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I’m currently using 3 hp plates, and will go down to 2 plates if I can get my Zarkares torso maxed or if I magically find a mythical plate. This keeps me around 1800 hp. Most physicals are around 2000 or so, so they probably are running 4 plates or have a mythical plate.

Some energy builds that have high damage output use less plates and have around 1600 hp, usually people with valiant snipers.

Thank you for all the information, I’m gonna try to stick with physical until more parts come my way and prioritize how you told me to, I think. Are the plates in question the epic ones? Or is there something better, but still worse than those mythical ones?

Nope stuck with epic plates unless you get lucky :sweat_smile:

For a phy build , what I’m using is 2 Heat engine and 1 Cooldown booster, and 5 epic plates.with a avenger torso. It takes me till rank 4 max easily and sometimes r3 , but not for long, I still need to up my flaming scope and. 1 heat engine to myth.

I’m not sure about energy mechs, they r harder to make because you need maxed heat engines as well as energy engines

I’m out of here…

You won’t need my reply anyways.
Just stick to what @Dubi0us said and you’re guaranteed to have a good build.

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Is your mech a energy-free build ? ^^

Yes Atm it is, but I will exchange a epic plate for an Energy.engine once it is maxed myth. Then also it is kind of energy free , but I can survive 1st shot of enemy