Bugs in Campaign


Level six in Campaign - Danger Zone.
Whenever I use my Mech with the Leggings - The Claw, after I beat the Buggy at the beginning, it says “Defeat” and gives me the Defeat rewards and will not let me get to the next level.
This is as of Jan. 14, 2019


Do you have screenshots/video to add with it ? ^^

@Berserk40000 For you ^^


With the new content i felt i could try boss level in 2v2 Danger zone today and twice it shuit me down just like you, right after the 3 fight (entry between the sandbags) .

I got “Defeat” although i won, i didn’t hit “leave” button nor anything.


As soon i went off here i downloaded Bandicam to make a proof, guess what the reloading probably fixed it.
Try it, i was thinking the change of bots ingame might have caused it, so iwas going to do that again, when i now recorded it, i used Auto fight, so maybe try that too if possible?

good luck


thanks, dear :)) Really appreciate it!


Hey, please, give me your user ID :slight_smile:


No, not yet, but reloading doesn’t help at all


I built a new mech just for this mission and finally beat without the loss thing happening


Good for you :slight_smile:


Thank you kind sire 1234567890


I have fixed it, but thanks